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How to use a Virtual Event Platform? – Quick Tips For A Successful Event

Virtual Event Platform

In these unprecedented times, the age-old concept of meetings, incentives, conferences and events has seen an almost unbelievable and drastic change when you consider the glorious events put together by corporations and seasoned event companies in the past. This pandemic has made us aware of how fragile our world systems can really be and the only way forward is to adapt to the rapidly changing trends in meeting spaces worldwide.

Organizations that were used to planning and orchestrating an event for almost each and every occasion are today left stumped and in disarray. In times like these, companies and organizations worldwide are looking for alternate means of carrying out their events.

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the world noticed a huge surge in demand for online meeting platforms like Zoom and Google Meet. This was found to be a perfect solution for the work-from-home movement adopted by companies worldwide. However, what do you do when you want to organize an event that can even begin to compare to the scale of those grand events of the past?

The unanimous solution that has made the world sit up and take notice is virtual event platforms!

What is a virtual event platform?

A virtual event platform is an application or software that enables corporations or individuals to host virtual conferences, meetings, seminars, events and much more with absolute ease. Some of the top virtual event platforms that come to mind are Eventtus, Canapii, Brella and of course Gevme. They come with a ton of features that allow you to host an actual virtual event ranging from mega trade shows to quaint job fairs; these go way beyond the traditional video conferencing software that we have gotten used to.

Not to take away anything from apps like Skype, which have had their moments down the years, the fact of the matter is, the world and its needs have just progressed. These platforms not only offer all the functions that apps like Zoom offer, i.e. one-on-one interactions among teams, but also offer one-to-many interactions, something that would be absolutely ideal for keynote speakers at a conference.

A virtual event in these times is the best solution corporations can possibly hope for, even comparable to a social event happening at scale. It is either conducted by a group of people or by a single host with a large number of audiences in attendance.

‍Video conferencing tools were created by keeping the concept of internal meetings, discussions and day-to-day decision-making in mind. Both formats have different objectives and purposes.

Top virtual event platforms like Gevme, offer clients the option of customizing every detail of every specific event, considering attendees’ challenges like their concerns about accessibility due to a virtual connection and concerns about authentic engagement. As we all know, social proof is a powerful tool. Companies that offer virtual event platforms also gather and display client reviews and testimonials to help sway any prospective clients still on the fence with regards to trying out virtual events.

How a virtual event platform helps your business

For starters, given the worldwide panic that has set in during the spread of this dreadful pandemic, the possibility of organizing a non-physical but virtual event is a real blessing for organizations all over the world.

There is finally an option that lends some hope to businesses who were forced to come to a standstill in lieu of the restrictions and lockdowns worldwide. As we know, hosting a virtual event is obviously so much more cost-effective in comparison to a physical event, businesses can save on all those set annual budgets and use the extra revenue to push business growth.

A virtual event allows businesses to not only have organized meetings to strategize and plan about their future but also offers a platform to engage with a wider range of their workforce at a time when employee morale has drastically been dwindling.

As everything about a virtual event flows through a pre-programmed system, businesses can ensure more efficiency in company processes. Everything is now much more streamlined and easily supervised. Workforce productivity can be more effectively tracked and discussed as everything is online. The whole work culture of businesses has now become extremely responsive due to the benefits of virtual technology.

Top virtual event platforms offer A-Z solutions to clients, supporting them throughout their entire event, just like an event management company would for any physical event. Virtual event platforms also bring about ease of management along with policy implementations in businesses. Management can now rely on virtual platforms to monitor employee work progress and thus work satisfaction too.

Continuous employee growth and satisfaction have always been a hurdle for businesses. Virtual events provide an opportunity to organizations to offer online training and other educational programs to their employees from the safety and comfort of their homes.

Businesses can really make the most of their virtual event platform provider by firstly identifying the main purpose of their virtual event. When a business knows exactly what they want to achieve from their event, they are able to plan and strategize their objectives accordingly. Once you have a defined plan in place, the virtual event platform can easily customize your event as required.

Virtual event platform benefits 

Virtual event platforms are widely beneficial due to the wide plethora of benefits that they offer, mainly due to the absolute control that this technology provides to the host. To put it simply, that list is endless! A few of which are listed below:

Avoids the risk of pandemic:

Focusing on purely conducting virtual events eliminates the risk of an organization’s workforce coming in contact with each other and thus preventing the spread of COVID-19, while still ensuring that the business objectives are not hindered.

A global reach:

Physical events are sometimes mostly restricted only to certain regions of the world, whereas virtual events can cover a wide plethora of attendees from all over the globe in just one session or event. This reduces the need for multiple events and thus makes each session more worthwhile.

An easier alternative:

Having a virtual event is so much easier! Each detail can be planned remotely and customized as required without the hassle of arranging a physical discussion. Compared to taxing and prolonged discussions with event management companies, this alternative is a God-send.

Cost effective:

Virtual event platforms offer a solution that is so much cheaper. No unnecessary flight bookings, no hotel stay bookings, no venue rentals. Everything is remotely and virtually organized, customized and executed.

Multiple models:

Virtual events offer multiple options to the host. They offer event models that can be hosted as a live stream and alternatively can also be recorded and streamed by the attendees and watched at their own leisure.

More audience inclusivity:

Virtual event platforms also ensure wider inclusivity of the audience by paying more attention to each participant in the form of integrated chat rooms, Q&A sessions, polls and reactions during live streams.

Easier data collection:

With the whole event being organized purely online, hosts are able to easily collect attendee feedback through ratings, reviews and even exclusive surveys, all of which are used to gauge the event experience. Using this same data, hosts are able to design and strategize for all upcoming virtual events and gradually keep improving.

Virtual event platform
GEVME Virtual Event Platform

Networking for everyone:

Virtual event platforms allow participants from all social backgrounds to build professional relationships by creating special interest meet-up spaces, hosting casual yet insightful chat rooms and providing attendee directories. Virtual events benefit those who would ideally shy away from traditional networking, by keeping them engaged at their own pace and within their own comfort zone.


Top virtual event platforms like Gevme have tremendous resources attained through their presence and global networking. If a business can identify these resources and figure out the most effective way to put them to use, the virtual event produced would be a grand platform to propel them towards their company goals and objectives.

Virtual event platform providers rely on the humongous amount of data collection that they gather from each of the events conducted by them for a diverse range of clientele. A business can really benefit from the experience garnered by their virtual event platform provider and use their learnings to target the right areas with regard to the interests of their selected audience. This data can also be used for pop-ups or triggered messages to direct the required attention to a certain meeting or event as deemed fit by the client or host.

Virtual events can be turned into permanent assets that a business can leverage, to gain recurring revenue, sponsor promotion and attendee engagement.

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