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Best Event Management Blog postings of 2013

Time flies and year 2013 is coming to an end within the next 48 hours. It’s been an eventful year for all of us at Gevme and as we approach the new year with more energy, excitement and upcoming public launch of our event data management platform in the new year, we take a look back at our Analytics data and review which are the most viewed and most loved event management blog posts that we contributed to the Events community in year 2013.

5. Event CRM: Top 5 tips that your Sales people would love

A lot of times, Sales and Marketing are not aligned in terms of what information Marketing is passing to Sales to enable closure of deals. In this blog post, we shared 5 things that Marketing can enable Sales to allow greater visibility of marketing activity to help Sales conversation take place more intelligently, and ultimately close sales. This blog post was also our 3rd most socially loved (i.e. likes, shares, +1s, tweets and retweets) blog post in year 2013.

4. Top 5 ways to customize your Event registration form – without the cost

In the traditional IT environment, event marketers would have to go to their IT department or vendor to customize every registration form that they need in the event registration process. In the new cloud-based SaaS driven environment, customization of forms can easily be done by best-in-class event registration platforms, with integrated social sharing and data collation features mapped to the registration process to allow Marketers the creativity to do custom campaigns. This blog post was the 4th most read article in year 2013.

3. Why changing call to action color could improve conversion

Every percentage of increase in ticket sales matters and as Event Marketers look for breakthrough ways to increase the percentage conversion rates, color becomes an interesting topic that event marketers love to read about. This article talks about the power of color and psychology, and how it could potentially impact your conversion rates by choosing the right color for your call-to-action buttons.

2. Top tips to ensure a great crowd at your next event

No event planner or marketer out there would like to face an empty conference hall at their event. This blog post specifically highlighted 10 tips to aid event organizers to fill up their event, ranging from social media marketing, segmented target marketing to audience re-targeting. This was also our 2nd most socially loved article in year 2013.

1. 10 Sponsorship ideas for your next Event

As revenue targets increase but clients budget shrink, the need to make up for the shortfall in revenue through sponsorship has got lots of Event Marketers honing in on this blog post. This was by far, our most read and also most socially loved blog post in all social media channels. Need we say more?

Year 2014 would be an exciting yet challenging year for most of us so as we take a short New Year’s Day break to recharge with the hope to bring you more relevant and helpful blog articles, we welcome your comments below on what you look forward to in terms of type of articles you would like us to feature in year 2014.

Here’s wishing all of our readers a blessed and exciting Year 2014 ahead!

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