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AWS X GEVME: GEVME’s Transformation Through Robust Technology Infrastructure

GEVME Virtual Event Platform

GEVME has been breaking the boundaries of the virtual event experience through its virtual event builder. It is fully customizable, secure, and scalable according to the requirement. It has changed the way people connect online through events, meetings, live chat, video chat, and other elements that ensure maximum engagement with the attendees. 

Specifically, the engagement blocks create a personal touch to events and live meetings. This is where the power of Amazon Interactive Video Service comes in. Once the live streaming is over, there is still a high demand for on-demand content. Through the Amazon Web Service Media, Gevme creates on-demand content for people across the world that can be accessed by different bandwidth requirements.

GEVME featured in one of the case studies by Amazon Web Services talks about how it takes virtual events to the next level – creating memorable experiences. 

GEVME’s feature on AWS

Digital Venues That Are Fully Customizable 

Lockdowns and travel restrictions have drastically affected events and conferences in 2020 and to date. To make the most of this situation, businesses have been moving to the virtual event space. They have successfully created convenient and memorable event experiences, thanks to products like Gevme Virtual. 

It all started with Globalsignin, an event technology company based in Singapore, establishing a mission to connect people online. The flagship product of the event agency company is Gevme which is an end-to-end solution for your event, right from the start to post-event analytics. With the pandemic being declared in 2020, the company swiftly built the Gevme Live platform that tries to offer virtual event experiences just like how it would be in reality. They provide an overall immersive experience that seems to come right out from the future through customizable digital venues. 

Attendees can see a 3-D map of the virtual space, check out different booths, interact with each one, and even interact with a live human through the chat. According to the requirements, these elements are fully customizable in design and functionality. 

Quick Time-To-Market 

The core Gevme virtual event platform was built in 2015, and once the pandemic struck, the company used the agility powers of AWS cloud to quickly go to the market. Speed was the critical factor once the pandemic set in to offer customers an alternative to conduct their planned events online. 

AWS had all the tools to cut the developmental efforts of the engineers and bring it down to less than six months. Not just that, they have managed to cut costs with every iteration while not compromising with any functionality or user experience. 

The Gevme Platform uses the Amazon Chime feature to create breakout sessions and conduct watch parties for product demos. It also creates rooms for quick and on-the-spot interaction with the attendees and among them. Using the chatbox, attendees can interact and network with each other in these rooms. 

The Power of Machine Learning for Recommendations 

To further empower organizations in their digital events journey, Gevme Live partnered with Babel to provide a recommendations engine. The participants to the event receive personalized suggestions for presentations and event activities, in addition to details about exhibitors and attendees to meet depending on shared interests. 

The machine learning models were built on the Amazon SageMaker, and this matched people who would mutually benefit each other. The parameter for matching is job roles (collected during the registration process). With the entry of new participants, the interaction suggestions are updated every 15 minutes. 

Quality Content – Live Streaming and On-Demand 

High-quality event video content that works well in low bandwidths is the need of the hour. To achieve this, Gevme uses the AWS Elemental MediaPackage that provides video content post with the event that can be played on any device without compromising on the clarity. 

The live events feature of virtual events, which is usually one of the major highlights, is powered by Amazon Interactive Video Service that manages and provides a seamless live streaming experience. The Amazon Interactive Video Service charges developers based on the attendance and not on the total streaming time of videos. This makes it highly affordable for companies looking to pivot. 

No Compromises in Security of Data and Its Compliance 

When it is virtual, the first concern is always data security. To begin with, GlobalSign. is an ISO 27001 Certified organization, and this was granted upon the audit of the Gevme platform by the officials. Data security is even more critical now because virtual platforms like the Gevme are being used to conduct events that have data that should not be leaked and made public. 

To encrypt the data, the Gevme Live platform uses the Amazon Web Service Key Management Service. The AWS Cloud Trail tracks the activity of the user and provides logs that ensure compliance. The entire platform follows the highly recommended practices regarding the data in the cloud, including dual-factor authentication. 

Five days, Round the Clock Event by Gevme Live.

One of the first events which truly showed the power of Gevme Live and AWS was the SWITCH 2020. The event had more than 600 sessions and 27 pavilions, and it spanned over five days. The live recommendation engine, on average, provided every attendee with more than 125 recommendations to connect with fellow attendees and 250 exhibitors. 

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