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10 Customer Training Event Ideas

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Business and marketing trainers often give small and medium-sized business owners one recommendation: In order to attract new customers, you need to educate them and offer them something free, something they find difficult to refuse. Initially, customer training events are some of the best places to start.

What is a customer training event?

A customer training event is exactly what it sounds like: an event that trains customers to use a company’s products and services.

Why is customer training important?

Customers are more and more commonly demanding product and skills training. The first step is to provide good customer service, which can significantly increase the conversion and allows you to warm up a “cold”” audience and inspire confidence in it. If you aren’t offering training, you’re missing out on a big opportunity to help your customers. Particularly successful examples can even create a viral effect. Increasingly, vendors are offering sophisticated customer training programs to augment their products, services, or brand.

What are the benefits of customer training for you?

There are some hidden benefits for you that training programs can deliver with a well-executed customer service online training program:

  • Increased revenue
  • Improved self-confidence and motivation
  • Boost in customer loyalty
  • Drop in employee turnover rates 
  • Enhanced brand image
  • Online training personalisation and flexibility

What does customer training involve?

Customer service training is training and teaching that customers and event staff undergo to improve customer support and their satisfaction. It is an interactive process that involves teaching the skills, competencies, and tools needed to better serve customers so they derive more value from the products and services at the events. Therefore, engaging training ideas and organising risk-free events for clients should also be involved.

10 customer training event ideas.

These customer experience tips are primarily relevant for attracting customers to small events businesses and corporate business event planners via their sales funnels and email newsletters.

Offer certifications.

View special offers for free IT training, seminars, and IT exam vouchers available through Microsoft. Find other relevant certifications to offer, depending on the relevant industry.

Nail down your venue.

Finding a venue for event training can take a lot of time, but it doesn’t have to! Try one of these venue-finding tools to cut down your venue search time.

Bring in the right instructor.

If you choose to learn to use the products with an expert instructor, picking the right person is essential. Make sure you feel comfortable enough to bring this up with your instructor.

Host training events in multiple locations.

If you’re hosting an event with multiple dates, locations, and/or times, create multiple ticket types to clearly represent the different event options.

Make it a free event.

It’s very easy—and can be free—to create an event website. You can get an event up and running on Gevme for free to train your customers in just a few steps.

Take your training online.

To make it even shorter, organise a traditional e-learning development project. Take several days to make this process simpler, faster, and cheaper.

Focus on a relevant industry topic.

Trends in an industry usually have far-reaching effects. Consider that and involve trend research and the identification of relevant trends while preparing your training courses.

Make it hands-on.

Someone who has hands-on experience with something they have done or used should be actively involved with other people in making decisions and doing the work. Apply those principles in your trainings.

Send instructors to your customers.

Help your customers by sending learners and instructors invitation emails, which provides you with greater flexibility over the copy for the customers to influence their mood and feelings, etc.

Make it a big deal!

Promote your event even if it’s free of charge to make it a bigger deal for the customers. Make a big deal out of it, and they will be very happy!

How to plan & organise a customer training event.

Here are six hints that you must consider when planning your next training event for customers or for the whole team.

  • Keep the training class size smaller to create a warm and friendly atmosphere.
  • Emphasise interactivity for better knowledge retention. 
  • Provide networking opportunities.
  • Pick the perfect training space. 
  • Plan for breaks and chats.
  • Get the right instructors/mentors/teachers/speakers.

Do not forget to invite and involve your vendors, sponsors, or volunteers who are also eager to try your product in real life.

Creating a customer training strategy.

Your customer success totally depends on your customer training strategy. When developing an effective training strategy, you should first analyse your needs. Therefore, take your time to carefully analyse your needs when designing your training plan. You should also identify skill gaps, set priorities, and deliberately plan and deliver your training session. Do not forget to secure your staff and management commitment to your training event. Then analyse the efforts after your training has been successfully completed. Think long term while establishing contact with your customers. Use training strategy examples and other ideas for fast help, and refer to useful resources when needed. 

Helpful resources.

You’re welcome to use some free customer service and support training resources. Also, feel free to apply for top-quality professional support. Contact us if you need some professional assistance or expert advice while planning your training sessions. 

Increase attendance with great customer training ideas.

This is just a small list of possible ways to attract customers to your event business, but there are so many more! Even the use of several basic tools will help you get your first regular and loyal customers. Understand that the amount of profit you will earn depends on the number of clients in your event business. People will not buy low-quality goods and services, so before you think about attracting potential buyers, take care of the quality of your offer and improve the service system through your customer training strategy and excellent customer training programs.

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