Online Registration and Ticketing

Online Event Registration & Ticketing
The end-to-end event registration & ticketing toolkit

GEVME Registration is a comprehensive online event registration and ticketing system that simplifies the entire process for event planners and gives your registrants a user-friendly registration experience.



Deliver perfect online registration, and improve attendee experience.

Minimise registration time for attendees by pre-populating attendee data in mobile responsive forms, and set up your own event registration rules with our online registration for events. Maximise event attendance with the most secure, easy-to-use, and highly customisable event registration platform.

Create your event registration landing page in minutes.

Easily create your own event landing page within GEVME Registration upon event creation. A fully customisable template allows you to create simple landing pages or detailed event microsites that convert visitors to attendees with just a few clicks.

Configure tickets for any event, even free ones!
Flexible event ticketing system

Get full control of tickets to adjust your event ticketing with the GEVME event registration tool. Use the GEVME event ticketing system for both paid and free events to boost ticket sales or collect event registrations.

Run private or public events via configurable event access.
Private and public events

When running both private or public events, registrations and paid tickets are applicable to small closed private events and large-scale public events. Provide an online RSVP for private events to prevent the registration of attendees outside your guest list with the GEVME online ticketing system.

Magnify event revenue with a waiting list.
Waiting List

Get other interested registrants on a waiting list powered by GEVME, even if your event tickets are sold out. Maximise the conversion rate from prospects becoming registered attendees, and increase event ROI.

Check flexible seating plans.
Seating Management

Collect and manage your contacts easily with the help of automated event ticket management, develop seating plans, and assign different tickets or attendees to zones to ensure that their event experience is perfect.

Provide seamless registration usability to attendees.
Attendee wallet

Give registered attendees access to their online registration details, ticket details, and event details. You can also allow them to make changes to the registration details.