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GEVME (Great Events Made Easy) is the culmination of nearly 7 years working with event organizers to power events ranging from small-scale to mega events with over 20,000 attendees. We are on a mission to help event marketers and planners make great events happen. Read more »



Customize your Registration Forms, without the Codes

Start building your own customized registration forms for your various events, with advanced features such as dependency fields, without the need of programming know-how. We make things simple and cost effective for you. You can even build forms using your mobile devices.

Build forms with dependency fields, to reduce the number of fields needed per registrant, to improve your registration conversion rate.

Create differentiated forms for buyers and attendees, and collect key information needed for attendees to reduce the drop-out rate.

Other providers limit you to the number of customized fields. We say, create what you need, at the click of a button, without limits.

Event Ticketing

Create various ticket types such as early bird, group purchase or create promotional codes for your loyal supporters and members. We auto-calculate your event capacity to make sure that you are within your venue limits.

Invitation Code

Generate promotional codes for your repeat visitors and members, or just simply generate promotional codes for your social campaigns.

Payment & Taxes

Various payment modes available, such as Paypal or bank transfer. We also calculate the taxes for you. Just prepare to sell and promote your event.

Email marketing

41% of emails are opened on mobile devices so we ensure that your emails created are responsive and ready to be read on mobile. How about using our Call-To-Action or social media widgets to add impact to your email?

Create Smart List to auto-segment your email marketing list based on user action or form fields. Or just create pre-defined static list for your email marketing campaign.

Email Design just got simpler with our drag and drop interface. With built-in widgets for you to choose from, let your creative juice run wild, without the need to know html.

Events CRM

Manage all your events contacts on one centralized platform, and data-mine your contacts with our events CRM. Need integration to your own sales CRM platform? Just talk to us. We’ll be happy to help.

The First Social Collaborative Platform for Events

Start streamlining your approval processes, discussions and reporting and see an increase in productivity by moving into the social events era.

90% of Businesses using social technologies report some business benefit from them.

Social technologies have the potential to raise the productivity of the high-skill knowledge workers by 20 to 25 percent.