Virtual Event

Virtual Events Benchmark 2022

Data-backed insights to improve the ROI of your events

What You Will Learn

Find out how your events compare with industry benchmarks

Get practical tips on how to host events that generate results

Learn how to adopt a data-driven approach when hosting events


Choosing the right time and day for your events

The time and date of an event has a major role to play in ensuring that more attendees turn up for your event. In this segment, we tell you when you should host your events for maximum event attendance and participation.

Optimising registration for maximum attendance

When you decide to close the registration for your event can influence how many people decide to attend it. In this segment, our experts uncover when is the best time to close event registration to draw maximum event registrations. 

Keeping attendees engaged throughout your event

What are the best practices of live streaming your events to maximise event engagement all throughout the year? In this session, we tell you the most effective ways to live stream your events and also build lasting relationships with your audience.

Increasing the shelf life of your event recordings

Extending the shelf life of your virtual event content is helpful to keep the conversation going with your audience even after your event is over. But how do you make the best use of such content?

Learn from Gevme event specialists all about digital event content and how to make the best use of it.


Jorlyn Chew

Senior Account Manager, Gevme

Senthil Kumar

Business Development Manager, Gevme

Daniel Tjan

Customer Success Director, Gevme

Tasneem Beigh

Sales & Business Development Senior Manager, Gevme

Mizuho Hara

Partnership Director, Gevme

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