How to Promote an Event Through Social Media

Planning an event through social media is essential in the world of technology.  If you want to be able to attract, socialize, and manage events you have to use social media for event planning.

Types of advertising in social media

Social media is key to event advertising.  If the plan is to get as many people as possible interested in attending your event, social media is vital.  It’s important to know how to promote an event in social media.  When looking at Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, event promotion has specific ways to capture the attention of your audience.

Most popular ads

The most popular ads for events using social media have some type of videos.  Videos increase attendees. They also increase the chances they will share the event with friends.  When writing articles for LinkedIn for example, always include your event at the end of the article.  Creating tweets for attendees are popular ads.  If people are excited they are more likely to simply click a button and tell their friends about the event.

How to promote an event through Facebook

Facebook helps to attract attendants to your event.  Setting them up directly from your Facebook page is an easy way to promote events.  Every time that someone shares the fact they are attending your event, it creates more attendees to dive into the event.  It’s an easy way to promote your event.
Facebook makes it easy for attendees to ask you questions about your event.  This customer service element is great for you and for your event showing professionalism.  Facebook allows you to put a @tag in your Facebook page updates.
You will want to continuously encourage Facebook attendees to visit your Facebook Event Page and see who is attending.

How to promote an event through Twitter

Create a hashtag unique to your event.  Attendees can tweet questions about the event or share the event.  Having the hashtag provides an easy interaction with event attendees.  You can place a “Thanks for Registering” page.
Encourage attendees to tweet with friends by customizing. Social media is highly ranked through visual content.  Promote events @Tweet my Events.  If you tweet your event with images, you will have 150 percent more retweets.
Use a scheduling tool to help distribute tweets at different hours throughout the day.  There is no need to sit and tweet all day once you have set up your content effectively.
Engage in your audience to advertise an event on twitter. This is the most important tip you could have when promoting an event through this social medium.  Ask and answer questions, don’t just favor or retweet.  This is lazy and as your event, you are the event planner.  Engage and continue to monitor your twitter account.  Don’t merely rely on scheduling tools.  You are responsible for the success of your own event, interacting with users shows professionalism.

 How to promote an event through LinkedIn

Always underused when promoting events, LinkedIn users actually have higher income levels and therefore are likely to be great additions to promoting your event.  With more income, LinkedIn users have the budget to attend your event.
The fastest way to get your event information out on this platform is to post brief status updates.  Images are equally important on LinkedIn as they are on any other social media forum.  It’s best to use large images that catch your audience quickly.  Include information about how attending your event will improve the professional lives of LinkedIn users.
Considering LinkedIn users tend to view their accounts during the workweek, post your event Tuesday through Thursday and during the hours individuals are typically working.
Try to engage your audience with longer articles that attract attendees through Linkedin’s channels.  Use the topic channel to find what applies to your event.  Share posts on status udpdates as well.  If anyone has a LinkedIn presence that is an event sponsor, partner, or brand, kindly ask them to create an article to share with their own LinkedIn network.
Politely and kindly ask your network of LinkedIn users to share the event with their network. LinkedIn is a networking site.  Use this network to promote events.  If you have the revenue you may want to actually spend money on event promotion ads or paid InMail with your LinkedIn account.
Underscored and greatly overlooked, LinkedIn is a vast and great way to contribute your event to professionals who have the time and money to attend your event.

How to use Snapchat for event advertising

Many Snapchat users may be your teenage daughter’s age and thinking of using it may bewilder or even scare you away.  You want to be informed that over 200 million individuals use this social media platform.  It doubles the monthly users of LinkedIn.  With such a large platform, it’s an intelligent and smart choice to advertise your event.
The application allows people to send picture, video, and text messages that disappear after they are viewed.  The short lifespan makes this unique as a social forum compared to its counterparts like Facebook and Twitter.  It’s a truly temporary experience that has a truly incredible impact.
Even though widely used by teenagers, the forum that Snapchat had when they created it was for events.  In a blog post Snapchat announced, “If you can’t make it to an event than you can feel like you [can] feel like you’re right there!”
Being so popular amongst the millennial generation it’s important that we all are acclimated to the uses that it provides which are beneficial for all generations.
You may create a Snapchat geofilter for your event.  They are filters for photos that can only be used within specific geographies.  Snapchat pics are either sent to your attendee’s story or they are sent to your friends.
You can give your attendees a behind-the-scenes look at preparations for your event with Snapchat.  During the actual event snap pics and videos for anyone who couldn’t make it.
It’s supposed to be a fun platform.  Not to take oneself too seriously.   The main reason Snapchat is a good idea for events is to boost engagement.  It’s an ad within itself.  You spread the word while taking pictures.

How to use Instagram for event advertising

Instagram is an extremely powerful visual aid in event planning that is often overlooked.  Instagram allows videos and photos.  Although the videos are up to fifteen seconds, realistically that is about how long you can capture your audience.
Instagram holds a very important key word within its social status. “Insta,” you can instantaneously share your event with the world. It’s a great way to capture attention through social media imagery. You may want to share a short caption about your event as well.
Instagram shares the social event though visuals.  Old contests with followers for photos or videos regarding your event to market in the Insta-world.

Use viral infographics for event promotion

Visually appealing, Infographics are truly the greatest way to target your audience quickly and easily.
Infographics are everywhere twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn use these graphics, and they are visually appealing to the eye.  Combining design, analysis, and writing, they take complex data and simplify them for the average viewer.
The most effective Infographic creates easy to follow information and flow.  Colors and contrast, similar styles of text type and font should be used.  Try and use text that is brief and easy to follow, in other words understandable.  It’s vital to cite your sources when using this method of social media.

Free promotion opportunities in social media

Mostly all of the social media sites have some form of free promotion materials.  Facebook is free to advertise itself, and it has a Facebook page performance barometer which compares your page to industry averages.  Facebook also has a free timeline contest manager which engages fans with content.  AdEspresso on Facebook.  Tagboards can be found on twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Set Up remarketing

Retargeting on Facebook is very simple to do. You can select your target audience and see anyone who has visited your page, specific page views, including attendees who have not visited in a certain amount of time.  Website traffic on Facebook is easy to manage and allows for retargeting.

Set Up Tracking of your results

Social media ads allow you to track results easily.  Twitter lists organize your attendees, and tracks those that attended.  Twitter is a wonderful tool for tracking.  Facebook event pages are important for tracking results.

Manage your attendees

Facebook, Twitter, and almost any form of social media that you can muster up will lead you to a way to manage your attendees.  Social media is one of the best ways to organize several styles of managing attendee, which is why it’s so important to utilize as many styles of social media as you can.
Facebook has pages that manage data, twitter, even Snapchat can be a way to manage information.  Social media is a must in the days of event planning.


Managing attendees online and finding clever ways to engage your attendees online is ingenious.  Event advertising online truly is the best way to market ads for events is online.  When using social media for event promotion, you are on the right track.
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