Join us for our launch event, where we will introduce Gevme’s new solution to elevate attendee experience and in-person events


CONNECT, our quarterly product launch event, is a showcase of Gevme’s disruptive product innovations and improvements. Every quarter, we aim to introduce and build upon features that is at the intersection of human – technology interaction and optimizes event experience for all stakeholders.

From virtual to hybrid to physical and now omnichannel, the event industry is evolving fast. While the industry is adopting in-person events at lightning speed, we have been focusing on augmenting this move with the use of technology. Following suit, we are excited to bring to you, our latest Mobile experiences to elevate events.

Join us this 15th December for the unveiling of what we call Mini-experiences as we enter the next stage in augmenting in-person event experiences and elevating them.

Event Schedule


15 December 2022, 9am ET

Asia Pacific

15 December 2022, 9pm SGT

If you’re not able to attend, we will be sending a link to the recording to everyone who registered for the event.


Coming Soon!