Join us for our launch event, where we will introduce you to our environmentally friendly event solutions and take a pledge to work towards sustainability in events.


CONNECT, our quarterly product launch event showcases Gevme’s disruptive product innovations and improvements. Every quarter, we aim to introduce and build upon features that are at the intersection of human-technology interaction and optimize the event experience for all stakeholders.

As the world becomes more conscious of the impact various industries have on the environment, it was only natural for discussions to arise within the events industry. However following in our footsteps of pioneering innovation in events, Gevme is proud to announce our commitment to building and deploying sustainable event technology.

In CONNECT Spring 2023, we’re introducing you to our cutting-edge event solutions centered on sustainable event technology. We understand that sustainability is a continuous journey of education, adaptation, and evolution – not just a destination. Our solutions are designed to not only demonstrate the importance of sustainability in the events industry but also drive tangible actions towards it. Get ready to be impressed by our comprehensive range of offerings!

Join us this 15th March as we pledge our commitment to sustainability in the event industry with our latest suite of products and features.

Event Schedule


15 December 2022, 9am ET

Asia Pacific

15 December 2022, 9pm SGT

If you’re not able to attend, we will be sending a link to the recording to everyone who registered for the event.