How the Industrial Transformation Asia-Pacific 2021 Provided a Seamless Hybrid Experience to 11,000+ Attendees With Gevme

About ITAP

Industrial Transformation ASIA-PACIFIC (ITAP) is an exhibition catering to professionals for business transformation. It is supported by multiple government agencies and corporate partners who form the advisory committee.





Key Features Used

GEVME Virtual, Gevme Registration, Gevme Business Matching

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About ITAP

Industrial Transformation ASIA-PACIFIC is an exhibition catering to professionals for business transformation. It is supported by government agencies such as the Agency for Science, Technology and Research, Economic Development Board, Enterprise Singapore,  JTC Corporation, SkillsFuture Singapore and Singapore Tourism Board. The event is also supported by industry leaders who have taken up advisory roles and provide guidance for the achievement of the strategic objectives set out for the event. to create a faultless event.


About ITAP 2021

Industrial Transformation ASIA-PACIFIC 2021 was a 3-day long hybrid exhibition that took place between the 22nd and 24th of November 2021. This year the exhibition catered primarily to professionals from the manufacturing industry.

The event was physically held at Singapore EXPO while the simultaneous virtual format was hosted on ITAP CONNECTED which was powered by Gevme Virtual. The event saw the coming together of attendees from over 70 countries out of which over 40% of the attendees were senior management professionals. ITAP 2021 also had 3 conference tracks and digital sandboxes.


What Industrial Transformation ASIA-PACIFIC 2021 Needed

ITAP 2021 wanted a customisable platform that could replicate the experience at the physical event for the virtual attendees and host attendees from over 70 countries. It needed to have networking opportunities. Other functionalities that were required included live streaming across multiple stages, directory & 1-1 chats and meeting schedule functionalities.  


The Goals

The Gevme team together with ITAP 2021 worked on meeting the following goals:

  1. Create a seamless virtual experience to replicate the physical event as closely as possible
  2. Enable multiple opportunities to network and conduct business meetings
  3. Make smart recommendations using machine learning and natural language processing based on preferences and interests

The Solution

  • GEVME Registration
  • GEVME Business Matching
  • GEVME Virtual

GEVME Registration

GEVME Registration was the ticketing and registration platform for ITAP 2021. It provided a simple and reliable interface for people to register for the event. . It also enabled the organisers to send timely reminders to registrants. The integration with Gevme Virtual also ensured a secure check-in experience, so that only registered attendees could access the event online via a one-time password that was sent to the email they used while buying the ticket.


GEVME Virtual

GEVME Virtual was the virtual venue for ITAP 2021. The virtual platform enabled attendees to view the sessions live and on-demand, interact with fellow attendees, check speaker bios, etc. Gevme Virtual provided ways to engage with attendees with push notifications and pop-ups. The platform also let attendees look up sessions and speakers according to interests and preferences.


GEVME Business Matching

GEVME Business Matching provided great networking opportunities at ITAP 2021. Each attendee put in their information and preferences at the time of registration. Gevme’s recommendation engine uses machine learning and natural language processing to suggest relevant sessions to attend or booths to visit, based on their interests. This feature helped match businesses and attendees while enabling them to the network using the native video meeting solution Gevme Meet. Attendees had the choices of a live chat, live call or scheduling a call with fellow attendees and exhibitors at the event. ITAP 2021 saw over 500 successful business meetings.


The Result

A seamless virtual attendee experience for ITAP 2021 on Gevme’s platform as well as a robust registration to cater for the hybrid format of the event. 

The 3-day hybrid event was successful with over 11,000 attendees from across 70 countries attending. More than 30% of attendees were C-level professionals from multiple sectors such as aerospace, energy, automotive, etc. The event had over 150 sessions with over 120 speakers from around the world.


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