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About HRM Asia

HRM Asia is a multi-platform media and events company helping to build, connect and celebrate the professional HR community in Asia-Pacific. They provide an array of thought-leading information to HR leaders and business professionals through various mediums.




Media and Events

Key Features Used

Gevme Registration, Gevme Website

About the HR Tech Festival Asia 2023

HR Tech Festival Asia 2023 is a flagship conference and exhibition event by HRM Asia. HR Tech has a community of 5000+, around 130+ luminaries and HR thought leaders. Technologies, products and solutions were shared along with navigation strategy in the new paradigms of people and work at HR Tech Festival 2023.

The requirement from HRM Asia

HR Tech Festival Asia 2023, one of the leading HR technology events, sought a reliable partner to create a comprehensive event website. This website needed to seamlessly handle various aspects of the event, including registration management, secure payment processing, sponsorships, nominations for Fest Awards, and the organization of eight conference track programmes with over 100 speakers and more than 100 exhibitors and sponsors.  

Solutions by Gevme

Gevme enabled HR Tech Festival Asia 2023 to deliver an excellent website which included everything from registration to payments to event details through Gevme Registration and Gevme Omnichannel. 

Gevme Registration offered a range of features to facilitate smooth and efficient event management. 

The form supported multiple ticket categories, allowing organizers to offer different ticket types for delegates, VIPs, vendors, and exhibitors. The platform also enabled phase-wise ticket releases, allowing organizers to manage ticket availability over time.

The Gevme registration form incorporated promo codes to offer discounts, free tickets, and group discounts, enhancing the flexibility of ticket pricing. The integration with GA (Google Analytics) and GTM (Google Tag Manager) enabled tracking and analysis of website and registration data for valuable insights. 

The platform also supported emailing campaigns for promotion and marketing, empowering organizers to communicate with attendees effectively. While allowing exhibitors to book and upload booth content such as booth fascia, artwork, and vendor forms. 

To wrap it all up, Gevme Registration also offered secure and convenient payment processing through Stripe, a popular third-party payment gateway with custom auto-email functionality for payment confirmation, acknowledgements, and issuing receipts and invoices. 

Gevme Omnichannel enabled the organisers to have a public website over the course of the event, ensuring a seamless experience throughout.

It featured sliding banners, speaker highlights, program displays, award categories, and exhibitor booth pages. Additionally, the platform offered partner showcases, travel directories, exclusive exhibitor hubs, resource hosting, custom FAQs, inquiry forms, and data tracking integration with GTM, and GA. 

Gevme Omnichannel optimized event communication and facilitated efficient event management.


HR Tech Festival Asia 2023 is our flagship conference and exhibition event and we needed a reliable partner to help us create our website for the event to handle everything from registration to payments, sponsorships, nominations for Fest Awards and 8 conference track programmes with over 100 speakers and more than 100 exhibitors/sponsors/partners.

Gevme helped us to deliver an excellent website that was functional, user-friendly and easy to edit while the registration platform catered to all event needs from group registrations, different ticket types, and monthly changes in pricing, to adding discount codes for each ticket type.

We also had very good technical support from the Gevme team. We had around 5222 unique visitors to the event and 6821 visits to the event over 10 and 11 May 2023.


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