GDG Singapore leverages Gevme Omnichannel to streamline registration and attendee management at DevFest Singapore 2023

About GDG Singapore:

GDG Singapore is a vibrant community of developers and tech enthusiasts passionate about exploring and utilising Google technologies. They host regular events and meetups to foster collaboration and knowledge sharing.


Google, Singapore



Key Features Used

Gevme Registration, GEVME safe check-in through touchless kiosks, Gevme Website, Gevme Live platform

About DevFest Singapore 2023:

Devfest Singapore: The melting pot of new-age developers and technology enthusiasts

DevFest Singapore 2023 is an annual developer conference organised by Google Developer Groups (GDGs) in Singapore. It brings together developers, technologists, and enthusiasts of all skill levels to learn about the latest technologies, share ideas, and network with others in the community. The event features a variety of sessions, workshops, and demos, as well as a showcase of projects by local developers.



The Requirement from DevFest Singapore:

DevFest Singapore 2023, one of the largest tech festivals in the country, sought a user-friendly platform to handle registration and ticketing, alongside a reporting module designed for tracking event metrics. Their aim was to efficiently manage a substantial volume of attendees and their registrations, ensuring a smooth and seamless experience for all participants.


Solutions by Gevme

Gevme Omnichannel


Adopting Gevme Omnichannel for a Unique Immersive Experience

Gevme’s omnichannel capabilities provided GDG Singapore with a comprehensive solution to oversee every aspect of DevFest from a unified platform. This encompassed functionalities such as registration, ticketing, marketing and analytics.


They adopted the Gevme Omnichannel platform in self-serve mode and seamlessly navigated through the platform by leveraging the resources available on the website along with the chat support.

Gevme’s user-friendly visual builder empowered GDG Singapore to craft personalised event websites and virtual experiences effortlessly without coding. It also allowed them to create engaging and tailor-made online environments for their events, ensuring a unique and captivating experience for attendees.


Additionally, features such as the Mini Experiences platform and AI-powered business matching tool helped in creating an engaging and interactive event for attendees.

Gevme Registration


Leveraging Gevme Registration Solutions for Driving Successful DevFest Registration

Gevme’s registration platform streamlined and automated the registration and ticketing process, allowing GDG Singapore to save both time and resources while ensuring a smooth registration process for all the attendees. Leveraging the flexibility of Gevme’s registration platform, they designed personalised registration forms and managed online ticket sales. Additionally, Gevme offered a range of reporting tools that enabled them to monitor event attendees and revenue effectively. 


The printed badges proved to be indispensable during Devfest, serving not only as visually appealing accessories but also as practical reminders of the event and tangible tokens of appreciation for the attendees.

DevFest Singapore 2023 is a developer conference by GDG Singapore which draws in more than 1000 attendees. Gevme played a pivotal role in streamlining our operations, resulting in over 1,500 successful registrations and an outstanding 92% positive feedback rate.
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" Our attendees and speakers were deeply impressed by the seamless and efficient services offered by Gevme. From the pre-event registration process to the on-site check-in, Gevme's technology and expertise played a crucial role in ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for all."
Daniel Low
Community Lead, GDG Singapore

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