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Best Cities Global Forum 2020
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Best Cities Global Forum 2020

About BestCities

BestCities Global Alliance is 12 premier convention bureaus coming together to offer meeting solutions beyond the reach of any individual city or bureau.




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Key Features Used

GEVME safe check-in through touchless kiosks, Gevme Live platform, Gevme Meet for Virtual Bar Experience

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BestCities Alliance

Dedicated to excellence BestCities is an alliance of 12 cities that never settles for best when it comes to business events, they continuously push for better. The quality and reach of their global community and their open knowledge exchange, allows partners and clients to develop and offer experiences that make a more positive impact and leave a stronger and lasting legacy on the world. BestCities harnesses the power of collaboration and community to create positive impact through business events.


About BestCities Global Forum 2020

The BestCities Global Forum is the annual flagship event gathering industry thought-leaders, inter- national associations and partner destinations under one roof. This year’s BestCities Global Forum 2020 aimed at ending the year on a high with a chance to knowledge-share, collaborate and network for the future.

Held from 17-19 November, this year’s BestCities Global Forum 2020 was on the topic of “Rethinking the Future of Events” which was aimed to inspire and motivate delegates as the world heads into the new year.

BestCities Global Forum 2020


Requirements from BestCities

The previous BestCities Global Forum was hugely successful and had seen delegates guided through the picturesque setting of Copenhagen in winter. This year due to the pandemic, there has been much to learn from the challenges that the business events sector has faced over the last few months. The BestCities Global Alliance’s main objective was to bring together industry thought-leaders, inter- national associations and destination partners from around the globe under one digital roof for the anticipated return of their annual Global Forum – with a virtual twist.

BestCities was looking for a robust, easy-to-use platform for both organisers and attendees which could easily transition their physical engagement online for their physical attendees and yet provide an enjoyable experience for their digital attendees. They needed it to be as simple as “a click of a button” for their delegates to move back to the digital platform to continue with their programme.

BestCities Global Forum 2020


The Gevme team together with our client BestCities Global Alliance worked on meeting the following goals
  1. Provide a seamless and safe physical check-in process
  2. Provide a unified online and physical integrated solution for both types of audiences through a single platform
  3. Host a unique Virtual Bar Experience for the physical audience


  • GEVME safe check-in through touchless kiosks
  • GEVME Live platform
  • GEVME Meet for Virtual Bar Experience
GEVME Registration with Touchless Check-in Kiosks

GEVME provided a seamless registration experience in partnership with the Marina Bay Sands for all attendees joining in physically in Singapore. All physical attendees checked into the Hybrid Broadcast Studio by scanning their ticket at the Gevme touchless kiosk as the entrance. The physical audience, after checking into the studio, were provided with a unique link which gave them access to the Gevme Live platform to engage with the online attendees, download brochures etc.

BestCities Global Forum 2020
Highly Skilled Personnel

GEVME provided for project managers to manage the BestCities Global Forum at the Marina Bay Sands. The Digital Event Managers (DEM) were present to support the digital platform as well as onsite staff for further technical support.

This expert team of event managers were able to provide a seamless experience for both, physical and digital attendees. The DEM team managed the onsite and online support to create a seamless experience for the delegates who joined in virtually. The BestCities Global Forum remote and physical speakers as well as the physical and online audience were given a seamless and unified experience.

GEVME Live Platform

The Gevme Live platform was the digital venue for the BestCities Global Forum delegates who joined in virtually. The virtual platform was such that while the live audience watching the event could, at the same time, see who else is online, interact with the other attendees, check speakers bios, download marketing collateral, etc.

GEVME Live took care of all the needs of the online audience, providing them with a seamless digital event experience. It also provided a widget for a live Q&A session to be facilitated. The physical attendees who attended the hybrid event at The Marina Bays Sands received a unique link to access the on-demand content as well as to engage with online attendees. The 65 average online attendees who joined in virtually also added to the Q&A rounds through the question widget integrated in the platform.

The Gevme Live platform displayed the Virtual Bar Experience which was integrated with the Gevme Meet platform to ensure safe F&B service to all the physical attendees. Also detailed descriptions of the speakers and panelists were available to the online audience on the platform.


GEVME Meet is a video communications tool that integrates well into the Gevme Live platform. BestCities used it creatively to provide a safe beverage experience to cater to its physical attendees. The physical attendees could use the unique link to log in to Gevme Meet to access the menu and select an option of their choice. They could also have a video call with the bartender and see their drink being created through the intuitive interface.

Upon placing the order, the drink would then be delivered to them as per F&B safety protocols and guidelines. This made for a safe experience for all those attending the event physically.


The Result

Reaching a larger audience and to accomodate all the BestCities delegates

BestCities is known to organize large scale conferences. It has a large and wide reach around the globe through its community and hence has a long-list of event enthusiasts who join in for their events. This year they aimed at maintaining this reach by still maintaining safe practices and distancing norms through their first ever hybrid event.

GEVME Live provided the digital venue for their online attendees joining in from around the globe. The content delivered is also available to them on-demand and hence allowing audiences from different time zones to be a part of this event and still get access to the valuable content.

BestCities Global Forum 2020
Unifying the Digital and Physical experience

With most of their delegates being present virtually, they managed to host an integrated event with both physical and digital attendees through several engaging features. The sessions were streamed live in a broadcast manner to the online audience making content delivery engaging.

The chat bar and Q&A widget allowed for seamless conversations between both physical and digital attendees. Ms. Yeoh Siew Hoon who moderated the chat seamlessly guided the physical speakers as well as both, the online and physical audience through all the questions through this broadcast experience.

Touchless Resources

The touchless kiosk was provided at the entrance of the Hybrid Broadcast Studio to provide a safe check-in experience for all the physical delegates. In these times, touchless resources are not just an add-on but a necessity. The Gevme touchless kiosk gave the BestCities Global Forum physical attendees a safe and secure experience.

"We had a great experience working with Gevme on the BestCities Global Forum. For us it was the first time to run this event completely online and adding hybrid components. The team at Gevme was great in guiding us through our first steps in the hybrid world resulting in the delivery of a great event for both BestCities as organisers and our delegates."
Lesley Williams
MD, BestCities
"New game, old rules, brilliantly executed and moderated."
Digital participant

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