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Use of Robots and Drones in Events

Technology is changing the world every minute, and the event industry is not excluded. One of the trends is robotification, or the process of replacing human tasks with machines. Clearly, technology developments have made our lives better in many ways. We are talking about mobile event apps, online event ticketing, event management software, virtual reality, 3D printing, IoT and so on. Whether you like it or not, new technology products are being made right now when you are reading this post.

Today, we at Gevme will dive into the topic of using robots and drones in events. Hopefully, you might learn some new ways to beef up your next event!

What are robots?

This might sounds like a redundant question to you, especially after the Hollywood film producers have been trying to threaten us with super intelligent, powerful and cold-blooded machines in their sci-fi movies.

Anyway, a robot can exist in the form of a mechanical or virtual artificial agent, controlled by a computer program or electronic circuitry. A robot does not necessarily look like a human being as portrayed in sci-fi movies. Although they could look like androids in Star Wars, they are more often found as automatic machines in manufacturing and space industries, doing dangerous, laborious and strenuous jobs that humans should not or cannot take.

A robot can sense its surroundings, move, and is “smart”, meaning that it can perform certain tasks very well.

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What are drones?

Is it a kind of robot? Exactly, and it can fly. Drones are flying robots, which are formally known as UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) or RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aerial Systems). They are quite popular in military, aviation and space, and are referred as unpiloted aircraft or spacecraft. Similar to robots, they are used in situations where manned flight is considered risky or difficult.

However, a smaller type of drones has been introduced to the commercial market, in the form of a camera drone. This kind of drone carries a camera and is capable of aerial photography and videography.

What can robots do at an event?

It will take us a long way to reach the point that humanoid robots are used to perform tasks in events. However, a kind of robot has started to take its baby step into the event industry picture. That’s the drone!

What can drones do at an event?

This is pretty obvious. How could you miss using drones for aerial photography and videography at your event, right? Drones will provide you with an unique perspective to capture photos and amazing videos for events involving actions, such as a sporting event.

Here is a footage from a jumping horse show using aerial videography.

However, as drones are still a gray area, you’d better check with the venue whether it is allowed. Drones, and anything that can fly, are naturally perceived as potentially dangerous. Beside verifying if the drone vendor has insurance, you might want to consider whether it will become a distraction for attendees, especially in keynote sessions. I, for example, have some phobia for flying insects with the buzzing sound. Also, check whether it will interfere with decor items and signs. It’s best that the pilot follows the drones to make sure they are always within the pilot’s full eyesight. Watch out for out-of-battery drones as well as the battery for drones tend to run out in only 30 minutes.

Another exciting thing that you can get drones to do at your event is food serving.

A drone serving food at Timbre Singapore

Timbre Group, Singapore, is planning to launch its first serving drones at its restaurants by the first half of 2016. The drones are developed by a Singapore-based company Infinium Robotics. The payload is currently 1kg and is being worked on to reach 1.5kg by the time of deployment. Watch their test flight video below.

If you prefer something safer, consider using drones to capture a video touring your event venue. Since there will be no attendees and very few people at the time you make the video, it will be easier for the pilot to control the drone. See an amazing video that promotes a wedding venue below.

Exciting as it sounds, robots and drones are still relatively new in the event industry and many developments are still being made. Therefore, precautions should be taken before you adopt them for your events.

So, is the use of robots and drones in events a yay or nay to you? Let us know in the comments!

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