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Unlocking Event Value with AI

As event professionals, you pour your hearts and souls into crafting unforgettable experiences. You curate engaging speakers, design thought-provoking workshops, and foster a dynamic environment for idea exchange. But here’s a sobering truth: the magic often fades as quickly as the last attendee leaves. Hours of valuable content – insights, discussions, and key takeaways – vanish into thin air, largely unseen and unused.

This “content leakage” is a silent drain on your event’s ROI. I’ve seen it firsthand, and I believe most events miss a golden opportunity to extend the value proposition far beyond the closing ceremony.

The Value Lost

A significant portion of event content goes untapped. Unwatched recordings, forgotten Q&A gems, and insightful workshop discussions disappear without a trace. This translates to missed opportunities on multiple fronts:

  • Lead Generation: Event content is a treasure trove of potential leads. Valuable insights can be repurposed into blog posts, social media content, and downloadable resources – all magnets to attract new prospects and nurture existing leads.
  • Brand Authority: Thought leadership isn’t built on one-off events. By repurposing content into various formats, you reinforce your brand’s expertise and establish yourself as a trusted resource in your field.
  • Continued Learning: Many attendees crave ongoing learning. Repurposed content, like bite-sized summaries or educational modules, allows participants to extend their learning journey beyond the event itself.

The Potential

But what if we pushed the boundaries beyond simple repurposing? Event content can be the raw material for entirely new business models.


  • Transforming Q&A into Premium Content: The most insightful questions, paired with expert responses, could fuel a subscription-based knowledge hub for your industry.
  • Turning Keynotes into Micro-Learning Modules: Break down your event’s best presentations into bite-sized lessons, offering continuing education credits and generating new revenue streams.

AI: The Engine for Transformation

These possibilities are no longer science fiction. New, generative AI-powered tools can analyze vast amounts of event content, from transcripts to social media chatter. They can:

  • Extract Key Takeaways: AI can pinpoint the top topics attendees cared about most, turning them into follow-up blog posts almost instantly.
  • Identify Trending Topics: Analyze audience questions and discussions to identify hot topics and concerns, allowing for real-time course correction and targeted content creation.
  • Repurpose Content for Different Formats: Transform event recordings and transcripts into blog posts, social media snippets, or even micro-learning modules.

A Vision in Action

Earlier this year, PCMA , the world’s largest community for business events strategists, held its flagship event, Convening Leaders, in San Diego. Imagine the wisdom in the room when President and Secretary Clinton delivered their keynote session! Thankfully, attendees weren’t left hanging. Key takeaways and an “Idea Cloud” were instantly available on large screens and accessible to everyone via QR code.

President & Secretary Clinton at Convening Leaders 2024
Post-session Idea Cloud summarising the Clintons’ Conversation, with a QR Code for attendees to scan

Similarly, ASAE: The Center for Association Leadership held its first-ever AI summit this year. This content-rich virtual event sparked fantastic discussions. Every attendee had the opportunity to be heard by filling in answers to specific questions. By the second day, Reggie Henry, CAE, the Chief Information and Performance Excellence Officer, was already showcasing insights gleaned from these conversations.

Reggie Henry presenting participants’ sentiment analysis around AI at Day 2 of ASAE AI Summit 2024

These aren’t just future possibilities.  At Gevme, we took these concepts and made them a reality at these impactful events.

The Future is Now

The good news is, maximizing the value of your event content is achievable today. That’s the core mission behind our latest product, Snapsight .

Snapsight empowers attendees to:

  • Access Personalized Summaries: Receive concise overviews of key takeaways from each session, ensuring they don’t miss a beat.
  • Engage in Deeper Learning: Explore AI-powered topic clusters, allowing them to delve deeper into specific areas of interest.

Unlocking the Full Potential

So, why would you let your next event leak value? You should explore innovative solutions like Snapsight and unleash the full potential of your content.

Transform fleeting event experiences into a continuous engine for growth, thought leadership, and new revenue opportunities.

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