Top Event Scheduling Software and Tool

You know, one of the most overlooked processes in event planning is scheduling. To be honest, a planner overlooks the need to schedule an event by planning the entire process in a loop. From calendars to meeting planners, the number of top event scheduling software and tools available on the market is endless.

What Makes a Great Event Scheduler?

Answering this question tends to be more of a challenge — not only for professionals. Every event planner has their way of doing things. Ultimately, it is a well-blended mixture of different tools that make a great event scheduler.

Fortunately, we have gone to great lengths to research on the available tools and found out how they work. Outlined below are some of the planning tools available in the market and how you can use them to your advantage.

Boomerang Calendar

It is the perfect schedule calendar that allows users to schedule group meetings, share availability, schedule and plan meetings in a single email, as well as activate automatic updates in real-time. The Boomerang Calendar comes highly recommended for its flexibility in highlighting your schedule according to the date and time.

Pros: Understands what you mean thus there is less typing required and better results.


An event management and scheduling tool that is designed to simplify scheduling. With Doodle, planning an event is like a breeze. This online scheduling software tool is not just an accessory. It reduces the time spent on scheduling and helps to find and schedule a meeting at twice the speed of other calendars.

Pros: Each Doodle account houses various inbuilt tools that make scheduling meetings more efficient and time-saving.


Organizing an event need not be stressful. That is where TimeBridge comes into play. This online appointment scheduling software facilitates automated scheduling for Outlook and Google calendars. Creating an account gives insights and unlimited access to their business connections that allow an arrangement of outbound meetings and acceptance of meeting requests.

Pros: TimeBridge coordinates meetings for you, making it easy to set up meetings.


Looking to organize an event without the back and forth emails? Head to Calendly and share your link via email. Have your clients pick an appropriate time for their event without the stress of endless meetings. With Calendly, scheduling becomes simplified.

Pros: Calendly intelligently integrates with your preferred calendar – prevents double bookings.

Using Vyte, it is possible to shift to a gratis mode for added benefits. Planners have also indicated their love for the 1-on-1 meetings feature which makes them appear more professional. Additionally, there is also an option for scheduling group meetings at a fast rate using any smart mobile phone.

Pros: is a super-fast tool for scheduling meetings, your invitees easily vote on your suggestion.


Dubbed as the World’s simplest meeting scheduler, Meet-O-Matic is an online event registration website. For full features, it requires registration and an annual subscription fee of $19.99.

Pros: Pretty straightforward and easy to use, even for non-technical people.


Scheduling a meeting using NeedToMeet helps to save time and cut out unnecessary meetings. This tool falls under event planning supplies and there is no need for a manual follow-up. It works automatically.

Pros: has a mobile version for use on the go.

A tool that resonates perfectly well for anyone looking to install an online event registration plugin. allows you to add scheduling on your website and integrate with chat forums such as Skype, Lync, and Hangouts.

Pros: provides you with an option of sharing your email scheduling page on your email tagline.


ScheduleOnce has been in the industry for a while now and comes highly recommended. This time and date meeting planner powers scheduling with customers and prospects while providing unique solutions to event planners.

Pros: Provides an option of narrowing down the perfect time slot by considering all time zones.

The tool provides a connection between you and your clients without the need for actual meetings. Categorized as part of the meeting planning tools, makes it possible to make the team schedule online and connected with your calendar. Additionally, viewer discretion is left entirely up to you using the share feature.

Pros: Option of increasing efficiency by connecting Google, iCloud or Microsoft calendar.


Appointlet makes it easy to arrange a meeting, make appointments and customize your booking page. It comes as a flexible tool that will help you accomplish your customized individual event organizing and planning needs.

Pros: Houses a powerful option of schedule control to cater for last-minute changes.


With Congregar, you will never have to run around your clients. This scheduling tool lets your participants indicate their availability from the options that you give out. As a result, everyone works around his or her timetables and schedules to decide on a suitable time to meet you.

Pros: It allows group meetings thus perfect for department, committee or team meetings.

Google Calendar

Available under Google tools, the Google Calendar is a free scheduling software that syncs with all your other Google apps. It removes the need to download your calendar repeatedly. All you have to do is sync your emails, contacts and the calendar fills out meticulously.

Pros: Scheduling can be done directly within G+.

World Clock Meeting Planner

The World Clock Meeting Planner is free and works best with international clients. It is because Time Zone differences are catered for, so it will automatically calculate meeting times and schedules at no added cost.

Pros: Displays the current time in various cities which are plotted on a map, so you set meetings during the day.


This tool helps you to schedule an event. All your guests or clients need to do is pick a date and time that corresponds to any slot indicated in your invite.

Pros: Allows invitees to select the date by simply ‘picking a date.’


Rally gathers your clients for you. This tool works by grouping clients, events or meetings that correspond without you having to do so physically.

Pros: Online desktop calendar


Xoyondo is a free scheduler that is available to anyone with internet access. The tool functions as an availability calendar to make scheduling easier. It is easy to use, has an option to invite participants and adjust dates to get the best times.

Pros: Option of creating polls and conducting surveys.


Powered by Doodle, Meekan is an arrangement tool for anyone looking to schedule a meeting online. Participants need to enter their calendars, and Meekan will match all calendars in a matter of seconds.

Pros: Meekan has a Slack-based bot that matches users’ calendars


WhenIsGood offers different pricing packages. The scheduling tool is an efficient way of finding out when everyone is free for your next event or meeting. Indicate all the times that are good for you and your guests/clients will do the same.

Pros: The durations option has an iCal export link, which enters the correct duration of the meeting to your calendar at the end of the meeting.


There you have it! The internet of things (IoT) as well as advanced technology has resulted in groundbreaking event planner software. Jump on the bandwagon and make your life easier. As the saying goes; do what you love, and you will not have to work a single day in your life. Event organizers love their line of work. Laying out how to plan an event and using as many tools as possible will not only make work easier but more enjoyable. Take this opportunity and make your planning modern, glamorous and more efficient.

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