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The Latest GEVME Product Updates

the latest GEVME product updates

GEVME presents the latest product updates that will be useful for event technology users:

  • Improved email processing
  • Event kiosk branding
  • Robust monitoring system

Improved email processing

The GEVME email marketing module can handle large volumes of emails all going out at once. That is why GEVME’s system can support and process approximately 100,000 emails in just one campaign. Email processing is updated so that both event marketers and registrants can benefit from faster processing and registration improvements.

Event kiosk branding

This is all about branding your event kiosk with the newly developed feature. The event kiosk font colour can now be customised, which will improve your event branding. Previously, the font colour for the text in the kiosk couldn’t be customised, as it was hard coded as white and later to black. Now, event organisers and marketers are able to communicate event branding from the kiosk screen.
Feel free to approach us to help you customize the font color at any time.

Robust monitoring system

High availability and reliability are the inherent features of GEVME apps. The robust monitoring system of the online registration process is improved to guarantee uninterrupted operation and a cut in power failures, electricity supply problems, incorrect network configuration issues, and other possible incidents on the cloud, which improves the registration process for the users and provides even better submission processing.
In addition, due to the newest level of monitoring and security, there will be no drop rate of registered attendees or any delays in confirmation emails being sent out to the registrant to prove their registration to the system.
Thus, the user’s registration process becomes even more reliable with the updated GEVME solutions.
Look for more updates from us soon!

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