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Lounge Ideas to WOW Your Attendees on Your Next Event

Lounge Ideas For Your Next Event

Wondering how you can spice up your next event? Having a perfect lounge for your attendees in your next event will not only light up your event, but it will have your guests networking, socializing, and posing for pictures while they share them on social media. Doesn’t that sound wonderful? You bet it does! Imagine your event being the talk of the night and also trending in the social network. I am sure many event organizers would love that. A lounge for events is just as important as the event itself. Lounges are a place for your attendees to recharge, mingle, and catch their breath. Having the perfect lounge for your next event will definitely WOW your attendees.

For What Events Should a Lounge Be Included?

In short, a lounge can serve as a useful feature for any event where you will be expecting a large number of attendees. Whether it may be a conference, tradeshow, corporate meeting, wedding, outdoor event, workshop, or training, having a lounge at any event is becoming increasingly important as it provides a place for the attendees to relax and meet other attendees with similar interests. To include a lounge at a major event is to include a platform for the attendees to talk about the event and their relationship to the event. In general, having a lounge at a major event is a must in this time and age. 

Top Six Lounge Ideas

With so many events happening every day around the world, you would be surprised to know how many different ways there are to design, decorate, and present the theme of a lounge at an event. The types of lounges and lounge decorating ideas are plentiful, and deciding on the right lounge idea can be a real challenge. Nonetheless, you want to make sure that the lounge at your event stands out and brings out the best in your company. With that in mind, here is a list we have assembled of the top six lounge ideas for your next event.

Mood Lighting

Mood light

Have you ever noticed how placing a few candles around the dinner table can really make a big difference? Well, now imagine how a set of fluorescent lights or fancy dimmed light bulbs would change up a room. When it comes to setting up the right lounge theme, you can set the mood for your theme of choice with the right green, red, or blue ambient lights. Your attendees will find it easier to approach each other and socialize when they suddenly feel in the mood. There is something magical about the way ambient, natural, or artificial lights are positioned to illuminate a lounge. Dim lights can relieve tension and even empower people to be more approachable, while bright lights tend to make most people feel less inclined to make eye contact with others. How you set up the lighting at your lounge will impact the mood of your attendees, so be creative and have fun.

Scenic View

A beautiful scenic view has the power to create feelings of satisfaction and delight. Scenic views have also been known to reduce stress, anger, and fear. People are usually fascinated by the beauty of a good scenic view. And as for getting your lounge to stand out, having a scenic view is probably one of the best outdoor lounge ideas that you should highly consider. While it may cost a premium to include a scenic view at your lounge, the benefits are worth it. The attendees at your event will most likely share pictures, videos, and commentaries of the scenic view on their social media accounts. The high-end vibe will trigger feelings of excitement and pleasure that will get the attendees talking and engaging in meaningful conversations. Aesthetics are important in events, so spare no expense on opting for a lounge with a scenic view.

Brand Centered

event venue ideas brand centered

In a commercial world where everything we see on a daily basis is dominated by symbols, your company name, brand and logo may actually matter more than you might think. People see symbols and they react, they see brand names and they remember you. Similarly, when people interact with your brand, they will have an idea of what it represents. And, as an event organizer, you have the ability to shape what message your brand delivers. Having your lounge inspired by your company name, brand, and logo will create a sense of prestige for your brand. Make your brand seems important by adding the company colours to the lounge furniture and the surrounding areas. Let everyone know what your brand is all about by showing it off in an elegant style. By making your lounge brand centred, you will have the chance to develop the theme and image of the company.

Soothing Music

Music, it works wonders for the human mind. The right sounds can make you cringe, smile, feel motivated, or even sad. There is no doubt that music can set the mood. And this is what you want at your lounge. Ideally, you would like everyone who is at your lounge to feel comfortable and to have fun. What better way to achieve this than by playing some soothing tunes in the background. Imagine a nonchalant piano player playing in the background, or the faint sound of soft jazz music blending in with the occasional light bursts of laughter from across the lounge. The attendees will love it. When thinking about your lounge theme, take into consideration how the music you want to play in the background will be soft enough for the attendees to converse, but also loud enough to create the environment of a party lounge. After all, music keeps the party going, so be sure to find the best soothing music for your lounge.

Cozy and Comfortable

When it comes to making your guests feel comfortable and fulfilled, choosing the right lounge furniture, decorations, and amenities is just as important as any other feature in your event. When attendees feel open, comfortable, and relaxed, they will be more likely to interact and reach out to others and conversate. An effective way to create such an atmosphere is by being creative with seating arrangements and the way you position the lounge furniture. Increase the chances for attendees to meet new people and make new connections by having a friendly welcoming set-up of the furniture, seats, snacks, and drinks around the lounge. For example, strategically place different snacks or artworks on different tables. This will encourage people to freely move around and meet others. In the end, the more cozy and comfortable you make your lounge, the more you will get out of it. Coziness and comfortability is an essential aspect of a successful lounge as it will pave the way for many connections to be made among the guests. Think of the best comfortable setting for your lounge, and move towards making that setting a reality for your guests.

Indoor Garden

event venue ideas indoor garden

A garden in itself has a large influence in creating an atmosphere and ambient of tranquility. Roses are symbolic of love, flowers bring out a sense of friendship, and plants are just pleasant to have around. It is well known that having an indoor garden encompasses many benefits, such as improving air quality, reducing stress, and improving creativity and concentration. If you are looking for VIP section Ideas, adding an indoor garden to your lounge is a great idea. An indoor garden will add life to what might be a dull and uninteresting lounge. The plants will add more oxygen and a natural sense of style. All things considered, an indoor garden will surely increase the popularity and quality of any lounge for events.

Things to Avoid

Some of the most obvious things to avoid at a lounge for events largely deals with aesthetics. For example, you want to make sure the lounge area is clean and approachable. No one will find a messy or filthy lounge comforting. They most likely would not be motivated to spend much time networking with others. An unorganized seating arrangement will also discourage attendees from engaging with others in meaningful conversations. Tasteless decorations would not impress anyone. In fact, attendees might not even be enticed to feel the need to pursue any communication with others. Remember, it is all about the vibe, the atmosphere, and the ambient. If the attendees are not convinced with the aesthetics of any type of lounge, they probably will not be in the mood to socialize and spend time at the lounge. Plan ahead, be organized and creative. Think of what would make you feel comfortable and entice you to spend your time in a lounge for events. Envision a lounge theme, asses your options, and move forward. Do not leave everything for the last minute. Being prepared will decrease your margin of error.

Organize the Best Lounges for Events

Be better. Do not get left behind, catch up with the new trends in organizing your next big lounge for events with these lounge ideas. Your brand demands more and your attendees deserve the best!


If you can find a way to add a lounge to your event, do it. Including an excellent lounge to your event might cost you a premium, but it will enhance your event and heighten the experience of your attendees. A lounge with a unique theme will facilitate networking, improve relationships with the attendees, and foster new connections with prospective clients. With all this mind, the next time you have to organize an event with a lounge, remember to use these ideas to your advantage. 

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