Seasonal Emails Could Help with Events and Venue

Millions of people all over the world are looking forward to the Christmas holiday season, which is now rapidly approaching.

It’s well-known that the festivities are a prime time for retailers to cash in, but event organizers and venue marketers may not have realized that this time of year could also be ideal for them to reach out to their potential audiences and future attendees.

While most businesses won’t have seminars, conferences and shows lined up around December 25th – it doesn’t make sense when many people will be going away or visiting loved ones – getting in touch in the run-up to this date could really pay off in the new year and beyond. And don’t forget that email marketing is a good way to ensure your contacts lists are up to date and ensure that you start the year with a clean set of database.

Your clients and partners are also likely to be more receptive towards e-greetings during this festive season. In our festive emailer to our clients and partners last year, the open-rate was 141% higher than our average open-rate throughout the year.

So here are some ideas on what can go towards your e-greeting this coming festive season:

Listing upcoming events for Year 2014

If you are an event organiser, you could be adding your listing of events happening in Year 2014 as a side-note, so that your audience can plan early on what are the available and relevant events that they can attend. You can also include promotional codes for happenings in the spring and festive-coloured Call-To-Action buttons to link the greeting back to your website.

Infographic about your Event Venue

If you are an event venue owner, why not design an infographic to talk about your most popular food, ballroom layout and Christmas packages that are most desired by your clients and at the same time, bring a fun element into promoting your venue services? Here’s an example of how Flipkey (by Tripadvisor) used an infographic to promote subtlely their vacation rental services last Christmas.

Thank you email to your Clients and Partners

If you don’t have anything specific to publicize, why not send an email wishing those on your mailing list a Merry Christmas instead? This is the perfect way to say thank-you to people who have attended past events and contributed to your success for the year. This is what we did under our parent brand last year, as, without our clients and partners, the milestones would not be possible without them.

Sending out holiday-themed emails could be the perfect way to boost goodwill and amplify your brand awareness. The holidays are just weeks away so start planning your festive e-greetings today!