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Reimagining Signing Ceremonies With Gevme Live

Signing ceremonies have been momentous occasions for the participants involved. Traditionally, these events kick off with formal speeches from dignitaries, leading on to the signing on paper to the final photo session to mark the milestone event followed by a networking session with the participants.

COVID-19 has disrupted the events industry and the way that events are organised, forcing the events industry to rapidly innovate and digitise most of its services.  Virtual signing ceremonies are now not just a requirement but a necessity for many. The Institute of Technical Education (ITE) and GlobalSignin (GS) have come together to foster the next generation of event managers and to build Singapore’s meetings, incentives, conventions and exhibitions (MICE) industry capabilities.

The partnership will include training and workshops, as well as internship opportunities for students and adult learners to develop competencies in virtual MICE events. 



We were able to host a virtual signing ceremony in the midst of a pandemic. We signed a Letter of Collaboration (LoC) which was a special event and the first virtual signing ceremony for us.

We hosted the signing ceremony online through the GEVME Live platform. This is the first time that we hosted an interactive virtual signing ceremony on our Gevme Live platform. Through this experience, we are excited to pioneer a path for digital signing ceremonies for organizations looking at virtual means to host such milestone events.

First-Ever Digital Signing Ceremony Experience

The virtual signing ceremony started with introductions and an address from Mr. Veemal Gungadin, CEO, Gevme who spoke about how the pandemic has affected all our lives and pointed out the importance digitization of business events such as this signing ceremony.

Mr. Veemal Gungadin also added how the pandemic is going to change the future of business events by revealing the results of a recent survey the company had taken to oversee the future of business events. The survey results showed that people are less likely to attend conventional business events and signing ceremonies in these uncertain times.



The signing ceremony was followed by a very informative session about post-pandemic digitalization, especially the role of digital platforms and event managers in the future by the Principal of ITE, Prof. Suresh Natarajan. 

Later, the Principal of ITE, Prof. Suresh Natarajan was invited to sign the Letter of Collaboration (LoC) along with the CEO of GEVME, Mr Veemal Gungadin. The virtual signing took place digitally and in real-time for everyone to see. As soon as the signing ceremony was initiated it was followed by a round of applause from the participants. 



All the dignitaries later posed for an online photograph which marked this as a milestone event for both organizations. The dignitaries were also able to present important questions to the honourable guests through the chat box. The audience could also interact and network with one another through personal chats making networking a possibility.



What is the future of signing ceremonies?

We are all hit by the pandemic globally despite all demographic and geographical barriers. The whole world is affected, and people are seeking different ways to resurrect their business and lives. This signing ceremony would conventionally have been held in the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) campus if we were not hit by the pandemic. Everyone would have been physically in the same room with face-to-face conversations just as most ceremonies were traditionally hosted pre-pandemic.



The platform for the signing ceremony was our Gevme Live platform. The management of the signing ceremony was pretty easy for both parties via the Gevme Live platform. The chat feature of Gevme Live helped in managing the queries of participants, while the live stream was managed by a team member from the Gevme team. Everyone had a healthy interaction amidst the screen barriers.

GEVME Live: Your Ultimate Companion for virtual signing ceremonies

GEVME Live, in fact, provides you with a secure platform to host your signing ceremony. It is equipped with the latest security features and protocols as well as all tools you would need for running a smooth digital event. Moreover, you can find all these features, including live streaming and interactive chat, seamlessly integrated into one place. 

The seamless integration of all the features of Gevme Live provides a very user-friendly interface to the participants. Gevme Live not only streams live but also helps in providing complete information about the event and speakers as well as allowing the speakers and audience to interact through the chat. 



The management of the signing ceremony can be done by the organisation or Gevme Live will provide you with a team of professional experts to assist you in managing the event and make it a successful one.

One of the biggest advantages of Gevme Live is that you can customize the Live site, Live pages, and engagement of participants. You can also add third-party widgets and access comprehensive reports during the Gevme Live streaming. Gevme Live pages are altogether fully-customizable and adaptable to different types of online sessions you intend to host. Gevme Live is mostly preferred for hosting webinars, exhibitions, conferences, and hybrid events. You can contact the Gevme Live team from their website for a live demo and choose wisely.

GEVME Live team will help you design a platform for your event solely according to your needs and requirements. The cost of each event mostly differs according to the size or how big the event is.


Platforms to stream your virtual event | Gevme Live



The people who participated in the GlobalSignIn (GSI) and ITE signing ceremony found the virtual experience seamless and welcoming as it was simply not possible to conduct the ceremony physically due to restrictions. Virtual and Hybrid events are the future. The role of digitization has significantly increased, especially after the outbreak of the pandemic.

Digital events not only increase the reach of the event but also help you cut costs and hassles of managing the event up to an extent. Virtual and hybrid events are pretty easy to reach and attend. The number of participants for a digital event would definitely be more than that for a Live event. GlobalSignIn has already kickstarted hosting digital signing ceremonies through the Gevme Live platform. Let us start reimagining formal events together.


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