Outsourcing Increases Across Europe – Report Finds

Outsourcing jobs and tasks by using spending is frequently tipped as a good way to reduce spending on IT and increase efficiency.

However, a new report suggests that more businesses are becoming aware of the benefits that this phenomenon could offer for their companies.

Information Services Group’s (ISG) latest figures show that the third quarter of this year saw the highest number of IT outsourcing contracts ever signed on the continent: 176, worth €2.8 billion (£2.4 billion).

IT represented the largest proportion of all outsourcing contracts, which indicates that cloud computing and similar technologies are getting more and more common as ways of helping firms to share documents and data with employees and clients all over the world.

John Keppel, president of ISG in north Europe, said: “We believe the high level of contracting activity speaks volumes about the underlying strength of the current market.

“Casting a look ahead to the final quarter of this year, we predict a continuation of the healthy contracting activity just witnessed.”

The financial services sector in particular was a big spender in terms of outsourcing, allowing it to free up valuable resources to use elsewhere.

Indeed, this is one of the big advantages of outsourcing, whether it is via the cloud or another method. Because it requires neither personnel nor tech support, staff can get on with other work while tasks such as payroll processing or data crunching are done for them. This boosts productivity at the same time as saving money.

In the Events industry, outsourcing your current on-premise, internally build event registration system could mean adoption of the latest best practices, workflow, adaptability to mobile such as responsive emails or responsive landing page, and regular software upgrades without the need for installation and additional cost, since the model is based on Software as a Service. IT becomes a business enabler, enabling faster technology adoption while ensuring that the minimum security standards are conformed to during the selection process.

There are lots of ways for IT to become the best friend of business units, one of which is via outsourcing, so why not start today?