Organising an Online Event Ticketing System for a Large Conference

Table of contents:
How an online ticketing system works
Ticketing differences for small and large events or conferences
Key factors when ticketing for a large event

  • Reliability
  • Cost effectiveness

Important details for your event tickets for large conferences
Step-by-step plan for organising online ticketing
Mistakes to avoid

  • A complicated registration process
  • No online support

How to set prices for event tickets
How to use GEVME to set up event ticketing
Online ticketing for events can be quite overwhelming for the event organiser. After all, you need to manage and look after a number of other things as well. It therefore becomes quite difficult to manage ticketing for a large event.
We have come up with some amazing and useful information that you can use to organise your ticketing system for your conference. We will discuss how you can effectively manage your tickets using online ticketing systems.

How an online ticketing system works

GEVME’s online event ticketing system has evolved into a dynamic cloud-based tool that can be used to manage online registration and online event ticketing from A to Z while supporting customers with tickets as well as accomplishing other tasks, such as assisting in generating invoices, printing badges, judging, and so on. This can also be used to divide the tasks into various departments and allows for flawless event management workflow. In addition, there are many other options, tools, and features that can be used to solve ticketing and registration queue problems.

Ticketing Differences for Small and Large Events or Conferences

Before we go into any further details, it is important to discuss how to set up an online ticketing system and also to consider the differences between ticketing for small events and large conferences.
Firstly, ticketing for large conferences can involve a number of ticket types. For instance, tickets for large events can be categorized according to different timings, seating arrangements, meal specifications and much more.
For small events, however, ticket types are limited due to space restrictions and other administrative limitations.
Furthermore, unlike large conferences, small events deal with topics that can be very specialized and as such, only a few groups of people may attend.
To add, tickets for large conferences need to be ordered way in advance since many people are expected to attend. On the other hand, tickets for small events can be ordered much later, and perhaps also be sold right at the event in person.
Due to this, ticketing for large conferences may require sophisticated online systems to manage and track sales accordingly. Online ticketing systems for big conferences can include third-party applications that have built-in features to let you manage everything effectively.

Key factors when ticketing for a large event

There are certain factors that may affect the results when ticketing a large event. Traditionally, you may face the following obstacles when faced with a large event:

  • Ten percent of users will fall off.
  • Compulsory registrations are refused by another 23% of people.
  • Hidden fees and commissions are added at the last moment when purchasing a ticket, etc.

Other factors that also influence the purchase may seem less obvious, for example, an unattractive landing page or low page load speed; according to statistics, 7% of visitors do not complete the purchase because the page loads too slowly. Online event ticketing solutions from GEVME are all designed to solve these difficulties and more.
There are a number of things that you need to consider when managing tickets for large events. Due to the size and scope of large conferences, it is recommended that you use a robust ticketing software program intended for a large event, such as GEVME.
A digital ticketing tool for a large conference such as this can go a long way in terms of making ticket organisation easier. However, in order for it to work with online ticketing for conferences, you will first need a software program that meets all your requirements.
Such requirements can include the reliability of the software and the price that you will pay.


You need to make sure that the software you get is reliable enough to handle a large amount of data.
Selling tickets online for large events can be a very long-drawn task. This implies that the software you choose should be able to operate for longer hours without any glitches.


Like anything else, you need to make sure that you get value-for-money. Ensure that the provider you choose offers sufficient support for the price that you are paying.
Also, you need to look into the features that the software is offering. The functions need to be justified by the amount being charged.
Primarily, the software should allow you to create as many types of tickets as you like, allow you to track sales and help you manage the ticket inventory effectively.

Important Details for Your Event Tickets for Large Conferences

There are some key factors regarding the tickets that you may have for a large conference.
First, as mentioned earlier, selling tickets online can be a bit tricky since you need a robust system to manage such a huge amount of data. This is because a large conference may have quite a number of ticket types that are going to be sold to a large number of people.
As such, online ticketing for business events first involves considering the types of tickets you are going to have. Types can include VIP tickets, discounted tickets, group tickets, and many other options.  
Unlike small events, large conferences can take place over two to three days. This means that you need to create tickets that account for this type of scheduling.
You may even create tickets that are divided according to different times for different events within the larger event. For instance, you may have one category for morning sessions and another for evening sessions.

Step by Step Plan for Organizing Online Ticketing

Organizing and managing the sale of online tickets require a detailed plan that you can follow in order to avoid any blunders. As such, the steps mentioned below outline the steps needed to sell tickets online.

  1. You need to be clear about the basic details of your event. These include the timings, the dates, the venue and dress codes if any.
  2. You will need to see how many types of tickets can be created. Also, remember that tickets can be a great way to promote your event further. This can be through creating special types of tickets that offer something extra for a discounted price.
  3. Once you have considered the types of tickets, you need to price each ticket accordingly. You will need to clarify the goal of each type of ticket. Premium tickets may be aimed at the elite group, while group tickets may be targeted toward the younger audience.
  4. After coming up with the prices of each ticket, you will need to make use of an appropriate event ticketing software that will allow you to manage everything effectively.
  5. Along with this, you will also need to consider as to how you will be selling your tickets. Online registration is the most common way in which events sell their tickets.

Event registrations can also be done through your website. This can be linked with your event ticketing services software. This will allow you to easily track the number of registrations.

Mistakes to Avoid

A complicated registration process

A registration method that is too complex can bring down your ticket sales significantly. As such, create a registration process that is easy to understand and is optimized for all types of devices.

No online support

Most event websites do not provide a contact link to contact the organizer. This can be a problem. Attendees may want to ask questions regarding the tickets, and not giving them an easy link to contact you can discourage them from coming to your event. Avoid this at all costs.

How to Set Prices for Event Tickets

Ticket prices need to be aligned with your marketing and promotional strategy. As mentioned earlier, tickets can serve as effective marketing tools.
The prices of tickets will be determined by the type of ticket you create. Most events have premium tickets that are priced higher than others. They are targeted toward the more elite group.
The rationale behind this is that people like to have the prestige and luxury associated with premium tickets. Therefore, selling such tickets ensures greater revenues.
You can then have discounted tickets to motivate the middle-income groups to attend your event.

How to Use GEVME to Set Up Event Ticketing

GEVME provides a cloud-based event management platform that lets you find out how online ticketing system works and then create compelling landing pages, email marketing campaigns, online registration systems, and much more.
As far as event ticketing is concerned, GEVME has a diverse set of tools that let you easily create different types of tickets, set payment options, and sell tickets on site. You don’t want queues at your large conference.You can avoid them with an online ticketing system for events using GEVME registration.