Ideas to Help You Embrace a Wellness Culture at Events

Creating a culture of wellness means fostering a workplace that encourages and promotes the well-being of your employees. That is why wellness events ideas are very important in the events planning community.

What is a wellness culture?

A culture of wellness means implementing ways for employees to be healthier in the workplace and helping them create healthy habits in both their personal and professional lives.

Is wellness good for the target audience?

There has recently been a lot of buzz around “workplace wellness” in the HR industry—and for a very good reason. Well-being is necessary for a positive existence. The core of every good wellness program is behavioural change, which means having a positive impact on the audience.

How does it affect the audience?

A new wave of ways to sell wellness is becoming big business. The negative health impacts of environmental degradation and the effects of global warming have become more important and are now reflected in many corporate wellness activities.

Wellness areas you can provide at events

In order to transfer the benefits of a wellness program to your events, you’ll want to concentrate on four major areas: food, breaks and sessions, setting, and event culture. This will guarantee that you implement a good wellness approach during events.

Wellness culture at events as a part of your strategy

Embracing corporate wellness as part of your event means saying goodbye to sugar and junk food. However, none of this will work in the long run without a culture that supports it. That’s why you should come up with powerful wellness activity ideas to incorporate into your strategy.

How to provide and implement a wellness culture at events

For instance, a smoothie bar where your attendees create their own healthy concoctions can be a lot of fun and inspire greater participation than just serving pre-packed juices or bottled water. Your wellness program can include anything from providing healthy food to encouraging relaxation, creating sports spots, or even sponsoring marathons.

Development of a wellness culture

Creating health wellness activities means fostering a workplace that encourages and promotes the well-being of your employees. For employees to be motivated, to become healthier, and to prioritise their wellness, you need to develop a workplace culture that supports and rewards healthy behaviour change and habits. Top management takes a primary role in the cultivation of a healthy company lifestyle.

10 wellness ideas for your event success

Why not think of some great wellness ideas and use them in your event management culture? Here are a few ideas to start with.

Delight attendees by moving past salads with specialised menus

A big part of the wellness trend appears in event menus. Discover a few lunch catering menu ideas to captivate your audience that will work well for events and make attendees move around more.

Cover topics of interest with real-life application

The importance of connecting people to real-world wellness values and other subjects in a wider life context can be achieved by connecting their interests to real-world experiences via apps. Use GEVME apps to support this idea.

Suggest offline time to increase focus

Certain foods have been proven to reduce stress and improve focus. Fortunately, there are many easy ways we can pull ourselves offline that don’t involve much effort that can become a part of a wellness culture.

Offer interactive sessions and activities that solve problems

In a multi-group brainstorming session, people are asked to identify and define what they like or dislike about health and other issues to improve future events.

Schedule breaks for effective program planning

Plan your breaks well. First, make sure you’re actively planning your breaks, meaning that if you schedule your event in advance, chart out time to take breaks for wellness, and plan your team’s days off well in advance.

Offer sponsors a new way to engage with your audience or attract a new type of sponsor

How can you attract event sponsors to effectively fund your event? Your health promotion event may be brand new, or your brand may still need to build its industry reputation, but modern lifestyle promotion will make it easier to find like-minded sponsors.

Select venues that support wellness to emphasize the mission

The wellness trend began by offering healthier meal options, but things have evolved since then. A bigger focus on wellness could revolutionise your events with the help of appropriately chosen venues.

Add an element of giving back to enhance the overall wellness experience and give back to the host city

By making a difference and doing some good in the local community, attendees will walk away from the meeting satisfied that they contributed and stepped outside of themselves. The community may even add charitable elements to your event or something that will emphasise the overall wellness and food issues and experiences.

Give up the bad foods

The simplest way to stick to a wellness culture is to give up bad foods and keep them out of sight. Sugary drinks can negatively affect your weight and general health, so eat healthy, drink healthy, and think healthy when organising events as this will naturally support and promote a wellness culture.

Avoiding pitfalls to wellness for event success

Here are five event planning mistakes to avoid if you want to cultivate wellness among your staff:

  • Not knowing your audience is like taking a shot in the dark. Be informed.
  • Not knowing why guests attend events
  • Poorly thought-out social media marketing
  • Lack of originality and a poor wellness approach
  • Ignoring Murphy’s law.

Creating a wellness culture is never too late.

When creating a wellness culture, develop an atmosphere around the company where people expect wellness and high corporate spirit so they will support sports, healthy food, or other related activities. Do it casually, or else you will scare people off from participating. Find the same kind of fun company to cooperate with as well as support your interests and high intentions to embrace wellness culture at events.

Use wellness event ideas from GEVME event management platform experts, and succeed with our corporate event culture in no time at all! Is there anything else you’d like to add? Feel free to leave your comments below, and contact us with any inquiries!