How to Organise an Event with Tickets

An event that uses tickets needs to be marketed and advertised to sell out completely. With an event ticketing service, this will be a breeze. Enjoy the perks of using tickets to allow guests to come in, while also meeting the quota for the amount of people that you can invite. Those without the necessary tickets will, therefore, be unable to attend. This pushes people to purchase tickets through the event ticketing system early – if they do not want to miss out on the event. Additionally, those that have not purchased tickets this time around will want to do so when the next event comes around. This creates a demand for tickets to the next event.

Key Factors on Ticketing for an Event

There are a few key factors that you should be aware of regarding the sale of tickets. Not only do these tickets have to be in demand, they have to also provide buyers with a reason to purchase them. This could be anything from having a great price, to selling exclusive tickets that are hard to find. Having an angle can boost the sales on the tickets.

Choosing where to sell your tickets is also essential. With an online ticketing platform, you can ensure that this is a link that is shared between those that are interested in the event. It is easily shareable, easy to use and easy for you to keep track of the number of tickets that have been sold for the event.

Important Details of Your Event Tickets

When choosing to sell event tickets, there are important details and tips that you have to think about prior to choosing where to sell them, and who to sell them to. Considering these key factors ahead of time can get you well prepared:

  • Where your event is going to be held and the price of this venue option
  • The date of the event that is going to work for those purchasing the tickets
  • The time of the event, depending on what you are going to be doing or who is coming, some time slots might work better than others for visitors
  • What you’re going to be serving as refreshments. Whether you want just light snacks and drinks, or to put on a whole meal is up to you
  • What type of entertainment you will have going for those that visit (e.g speakers, an event theme, etc.)
  • Do you want other vendors at your event?
  • What is the main goal for having this event? What are you looking to accomplish?

Step By Step on How to Organize Event Ticketing

Understanding how to organize event ticketing in order to sell event tickets online ensures that you’ve gone through the process and can be more successful in the end.


Know all of the details of the event such as the dates, time, dress code, venue options, price of the tickets (know how to set the appropriate ticket prices for the event), how you will sell the tickets and market the event. You will also want to know who is allowed to come to the event. This can be members, the public, specific business owners and so on.


Know the budget that you have for the event. You need to have this budget approved before you start to sell the tickets to those that wish to attend the event. You need to also consider the timeline that you have for selling tickets before the event date.


Once your budget is ready to go, you can then arrange your tickets, start marketing and purchasing everything needed for the event itself. You want to make sure that you’re organizing your event while selling tickets so that when the date comes, you can be sure to have everything set to go.

Tip: Start spending any money from the budget once the tickets start to sell online. You do not want to spend money on an event that only has one or two tickets sold.


Use the Internet to your advantage when it comes to selling tickets. You can use social media, word of mouth, print, etc. for marketing. However, you have to have the appropriate page set up for the purchasers of the tickets. Event ticketing websites can give you instructions on how to get started with selling tickets.


Hold the event once tickets are sold and the event date comes. You want to make all arrangements prior to this date, while also ensuring that the event was well publicised.


Put any remaining cash from the event into your bank account.

How to Set Prices for Event Tickets

Setting prices is one of the most important aspects of knowing how to sell tickets online for events. This is due to the fact that you want to ensure that everyone is able to purchase tickets that are worth the event, but you also want to cover overhead costs to throw the event. Here are some good pointers to take into consideration when setting the ticket prices for your event:

  • How much must a ticket cost to cover your entire event?
  • How much profit do you want to make from one ticket?
  • Add additional prices to accommodate for other event costs.

The price should state that it includes food (if it actually does), as well as other things that will be happening at the event so that the visitors know what they’re getting when they purchase the tickets for the event.

How to Use GEVME to Set Up Event Ticketing

GEVME supports an event coordinator by providing a way to set up event ticketing websites to use and promote. Not only do they provide the website needed, but they can also help with the marketing that will need to be done for the event at the same time.

Signing up for an account is easy, as well as setting up the website. Once you’ve got the details, you can begin putting the ticketing website together and start marketing it so that you can sell the tickets for the event.

The process is easy and provides you with a smooth transition to setting up everything to selling the tickets. The fees are low and the benefits are high when choosing GEVME as the source for the ticket sales. You can track the registrations for the tickets right on the website, while also having them bring their e-tickets to events.

Personalize everything using the GEVME platform that is set up for ease of use, but also for those that wish to get more from their ticket sales through various marketing techniques. Set up the page for signing up, the type of tickets, add tax or other fees to them, while also providing onsite registration for those that wish to purchase tickets during the event from their mobile phones. Everything is set up for you so you can feel more confident when it comes to using GEVME for the ticket sales for any event that you’re throwing.


When it comes to setting up your own website to sell tickets for events, knowing that you have the right demand is essential. However, with the right tickets to sell, the website can be a success. Enjoy the benefits of knowing not only how to market these tickets, but how to sell event tickets online for visitors to use to their advantage, whether it is to your event or any others of your partners, colleagues, business, etc. Use GEVME Registration and let advanced tech solutions take full charge of your event ticketing