How to Manage Attendees Online for Events

Any event, whether it is for 500 or 5000 people, has a common objective — to engage the participants and to build the desired community. Begin the process of engaging the attendees and creating a community from the start before the attendees ever arrive at your event. It starts from attracting the right audience through an online event registration website, the offline experience, and spans across post-event engagement. An excellent analogy on how to organize an event is a wedding. There is an enormous amount of effort and pressure on everything to move beautifully, and yet most of them are forgettable. Similarly, events, be it a sales conference, a new product launch, a sales review, or key leadership messaging, have the potential to be magical — yet most of the time they become wasted opportunities.

So the question is how to plan an event? Well, it is all in the setup. Managing the attendees for an event is a critical piece of the puzzle. Do it right, and you will create an unforgettable experience for your attendees. One wrong step, and it could be a major PR disaster for you.

Here are some of the pillars quintessential to managing the attendees of your event successfully.

How to Collect Important Information from All Event Attendees

You can obtain information from all event attendees when they register either on-site or online. To create a seamless registration experience for the participants, create custom forms to capture two types of data – mandatory (such as Name, Email, Company, contact details, etc.) and optional (Age, Interests, dietary preferences and accurate information based on the event type). You could even create custom forms and questions for attendees to answers.  

Use customizable predefined fieldsAdding attendees manually

As an event organizer, you may want to target participants from your list. Give complimentary tickets to potential guests who could provide a great networking prospect to you in future. You would also want to add someone who has just paid offline. Make sure that you track such registration and include these attendees in all your reporting and event communication by registering them manually in your online event management website. However, ensure that you update the seating capacity, event planning supplies and most importantly — do not oversell the event capacity.

Sending event e-mail invitations

Event organizers usually start with the default invitation template from the event planner software which they customize further. Make sure that you customize the invites to the theme of the event.

How to manage attendees online for events

After you register the attendees, be sure to provide them with the latest updates on your event.

Sending e-mails to all event attendees

Share with your guests the event details such as flights, accommodation, event planning checklists, parking details and weather details. This ensures that your event will run smoothly. Use your event organizer software and head over to the emails feature to send messages to all attendees.

How to use GEVME to manage your attendees is among the best event planning software that enables you to set up and run your next event. GEVME provides powerful tools and features to manage attendees for an event through smart lists. Track and communicate with them seamlessly.

GEVME helps you create events with multiple ticketing options, levels, and prices. Send out e-tickets with your brand and print name badges for different registration types. Create different ticket levels and more. Use our GEVME Onsite app to scan QR codes and check-in attendees quickly with automatic badge printing.

Here are some of the features of the event planner software to effectively manage your next event:

Customizing a form as per your event

1. Click on Forms in the left navigation bar.

how to manage event with GEVME. Set events
2. Click Customize on the forms screen next to the  Attendee Form.

how to manage attendees online with GEVME

3. The Form Builder will appear.

How to manage attendees online with GEVME

Use the Form Builder to enable or disable fields. Add custom fields by tweaking the settings panel on the right-hand side.

Sending emails to your invitees

Follow these steps to send an email to your attendees using GEVME.

1.Click on Templates in the left navigation bar.

manage attendees online with GEVME

2. Click Invitation under the Templates screen.

How to manage attendees online with GEVME

3. The Invitation template will open in Edit mode.

4. Customize the template and click Save once finished.

Meetings technology platforms such as GEVME are rapidly evolving, driven by cloud computing and mobile devices. These tools and technologies have made event attendees management much more seamless than tracking and managing things manually. However, it is important to remember the software aspect of a successful event — the human touch. Technology is necessary. However, bear in mind that the goal is for attendees to connect, learn and network depending on the type of event.

Do not forget the end objective. You are spending your time, money and resources to create an unforgettable experience for your attendees.

Happy managing an event for attendees! Manage attendees online for seamless event experiences – get started with GEVME.