How to Make Your Own Tickets for an Event for Free

“If someone else has done it then I can do it too. If no one has then I can be the first. If I can do it so can you”, – Soraya.

So true. Want to organize an event with tickets and create event tickets for free? Easy! Just follow the instructions. (or: create an event’s tickets for free?)

Analyze your competitors’ tickets

Well, the analysis is the first stage in the creation of an event ticket. And that’s logical. Skipping this phase is only hurting yourself. You can spend minutes, hours, days or even weeks reinventing the wheel. But time is money. Therefore, research your competitors (if you haven’t done so yet), study their tickets and design your own self-made ticket.

A small note. You can Google everything, even your competitors. Simply type your main keywords and take a look at the first two pages. That`s the easiest way. No doubt, SEO tools such as Serpstat or Semrush could be a great alternative.

There are 3 things to pay attention to in competitors` tickets analysis:

  • Information
  • Design (color, layout)
  • Size

Ok. let`s talk about it a little bit more.

Must have information on the ticket for an event

There are two unspoken “rules” to follow to make it perfect:

  • Content is king
  • Brevity is the soul of wit

It`s time to be informative, creative and brief. The “must have” pack includes:

  • Title. An eye-catching title can incredibly increase your sales. The right words are cash in the bank.
  • Time, Date, Location. These three are essential. Double-check it!
  • Ticket Price. This fluctuates, it depends on the type of event.

Event ticket design

Event ticket designing is a very important element. It should be exquisite and attractive. That`s half of your success.

There are 3 design styles:

  • Vertical
  • Horizontal
  • Your-Own

Therefore, take a sheet of paper, write down all that you want to mention in your ticket and find a suitable design style.

Logo or picture

A logo (picture) is a great visual reminder for your guests. The main idea and at the same time a great challenge is to choose the right one. Informative, extraordinary and “talkable”.  Like these ones:How to create cool tickets design

How to create cool tickets design.jpg

Do not be afraid to be different and unique. Better to create original ideas than to copy-paste already existing ideas. You have to be the best you possibly can and elite. Never settle for less than you deserve.

Best colors for ticket

Colors talk using nonverbal communication. Black – power, elegance, formality; white – light, goodness, innocence and purity; blue – depth and stability; yellow – joy, happiness and energy… But it shouldn’t be random. You should have a ticket`s draft in your mind with it’s`layout, content, and pics. Take them all into account! You have to have a concept and you have to stick to it.

Sizes of tickets

Actually, the size of a ticket directly correlates with its` information and layout. Nevertheless, there are three most popular sizes:

  • Small     (2” x 5.5”)
  • Medium (2.75” x 5.5”)
  • Large     (2.75” x 8.5”)

Create a sketch/wireframe/prototype

Great! Now you have many good ideas for creating your specific ticket. Now, create an event ticket sketch – wireframe – prototype.

What is sketch/wireframe/prototype?

A sketch is a rapid, freehand drawing that we do with no intention of it’s becoming a finished design. It helps you get started.

A wireframe comes out of a sketch. It`s a basic visual guide, a mock-up for an event ticket.

A prototype is an upgraded wireframe. The design is still not final, but getting closer.

How to make them?

There are many free online ticket makers. Just Google it.

Ready? Test them on real people!

Get rid of your assumptions. Do not over think and do not worry. Just TEST all of your crazy ideas on real people and analyze the results.

Create a few different designs

You can never be 100% sure. And actually, you’ll always be searching for the ideal design 😉 “Do I need this yellow triangle in the left corner of the ticket?”, “What is the best background color? White, ivory or ?”. Keep experimenting until you can find something everyone feels good about. Just repeat the previous step until you find it:

Test it on real people

Again? Yes. Again and again. Keep testing your ideas until you find the best design in your niche of business.

Print your tickets – Check them – Use them

This is the final step. Print a ticket. Check it. Is it ok? If “yes” – print the rest. Use them. 3-2-1-GO! An easy math.


Perfection is always about paying extra attention to detail. Tickets aren’t only paper. That’s the first tactile impression. Literally, they’re a doorway to an event.

Remember that tickets are a reflection of the personality of the event. Stick to your concept and you’ll see how easy it can be to create your ticket for your event.

Good luck! Work hard, enjoy the process, and design the best ticket for your event!

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