How to Find the Best Place for a Big Event

Choosing a venue is one of the most difficult tasks to take on.  The venue is a large part of the experience that attendees have.  Predictable locations may not bring in attendance so think outside of the box.  It may seem impossible to put on a large event at a low price. When looking for the best location for a big event, consider the fact that the venue will take from 40 to 60 percent of the total event budget. You don’t want to have your event in a dump.

Important things for the big event organization

Start by getting creative.  Before looking for the event location, think of what your attendees will experience at your venues.  What type of event are you having? Is it conventional with speakers and presentations?  Is it a social event with loads of food, entertainment, and drinks?  Once you’ve established the needs of your events, it’s time to be creative.  Pricing for a big event location and organization for a big event can all be done outdoors.

Requirements for big event place

Plan accordingly for your event.  Get started early, as trying to create a beautiful ambiance in a rush is impossibly hard.  The earlier you plan the location, the more time you must plan the event.  You may eliminate all the last-minute stressors.  Do not procrastinate.  Outdoor venues are the best option for a large event, and they don’t require a large cost as hotels and conferences centers may.  The atmosphere at your outdoor event needs to have space available for attendees, so large parks are essential.

How to find a place for big event

It’s easy to find a place for a big event; the challenge is staying on budget.  Of course, hotel conference centers, restaurants, or convention centers are always going to be available.  Maintaining a low cost is important.  Parks for event venues can be beautiful and charming.  They provide for activity and a different fee for attendees.  Choose a venue that is on the outskirts of town a bit.  Does the venue you choose motivate attendees?  Sometimes choosing a park on the outskirts of town may be less expensive for guests as well.  Pricing for a big event location doesn’t always have to be so difficult.  The truly best place for a big event is what fits your needs and budget.

What is the best location?

Outdoors you can find a picturesque and beautiful scene for your event, without the high price tag. Once you’ve figured out that the great outdoors is the best location for a big event, you are set to plan. Parks provide space for attendees.  They allow people to engage in more recreational activities that are free.  Parks are enjoyable for attendees, and they don’t cost as much as your local county club.  There is a carefree sense of the environment in the outdoors, and you don’t need to spend your entire budget.

How to find a place for fair/best price?

Choose your outdoor venue very carefully.  Moving to the outskirts of town to save money on the event venue can also save attendees large parking fees.  Moving your venue on the outskirts of town provides you with incredible bargaining power as well.  Costs can be negotiable for an event.  Always negotiate with venues before signing a contract.

GEVME provides information on how to create your big event at the best price.  You must think creatively and keep one vital aspect of venues in mind; non-traditional.  It’s interesting that guests tend to be more interactive at non-traditional venues than traditional.  The senses are all heightened, which is only ideal for your event and for your company.  You will find that you generate better results when you have a unique venue.  So, suit up, show up, and don’t worry, your event will go off without a hitch!


Just because you’re looking for a cost-effective event venue doesn’t mean you must trade value.  The event outdoors has features that are unmatched compared to indoor venues. Depending on the event and the desired outcome of the plan, the selected place has an enormous impact on everyone who is involved.  Outdoor events leave people with a sense of freedom, and the cost is low for all involved.  Parks have tennis courts, slides and recreation for kiddos, volleyball courts, and free parking.


The context of the entire day changes outdoors. You have attendees who view everything with a fresh set of eyes. Paying attention to what’s going on around them.  Getting involved, talking, and thinking about your event is contagious outside.  Is this not the point of your event to begin with?  In the field of event-planning in today’s world, you can make a great first impression while expressing your stylistic choices and creativity.  Parks are a fun and innovative way to save money while continuing to motivate attendees creating a wonderful environment and event.

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-Madison H., Vanderbilt University