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How to Entertain Audiences at Overseas Corporate Events with Music

How to Entertain Audiences at Overseas Corporate Events with Music

Be it at parties, events or even corporate DnDs, the most unwanted scenario would definitely be a bunch of restless, unoccupied and bored guests! The only solution is to constantly keep them engaged and entertained; always making sure their attention is focused on something fascinating, rather than staring off into space and finding things to keep themselves from snoring.

This blog post mainly provides one with ideas on how to keep their audiences entertained with the use of music during corporate events and meetings. I’ll be showing two different ways in which audiences can be entertained musically. The first way revolves around the idea of having the audience to admire and appreciate the act which is presented to them. This is usually done by an artist who performs at the event and hence provides entertainment for the audience in song and in dance. On the other hand, the second group consist of ideas which seek to include the audiences and giving them all a role to play in the creation of something musical! This article will include three of the best ways in which this could be done; these are mainly done in the form of Quick Energizers, BANDINC and MTVINC!

Performances from Artistes

When abroad, watching someone perform is definitely going to be an interesting experience. Through these performances, the audiences have a chance to take a peek into the culture of the indigenous people. This can be firstly seen by the song choices made by the artist. Many songs carry distinctive characteristics which in turn represent the culture which the song was written in. Song choices can also reflect the heritage of the country! We get to explore the ways in which the natives are influenced by other countries due to historical interactions. For example, Portuguese music seems to be rather prominent in Macau’s music industry! The other way which can possibly enchant the audiences is when these performers interpret very well known songs in a very different manner. This can be done by the use of native instruments and thus bringing forth a completely new flavor to a song we once thought we knew so well.  Therefore, coupled with a good voice and stage presence, performances from artists is definitely one of the ways to go about entertaining audiences from abroad!

Quick Energizers

Have a very packed schedule during your corporate events or meetings, but afraid that your audience will lose interest and get tired after awhile? Quick Energizers are the solution. These are activities which only take up 15-20 minutes but have maximum effectiveness in waking your audiences up and keeping them engaged! This can be done by distributing small and portable instruments to every member of the audience and allows them to interact with each other in a musical way! These small and portable instruments can range from rhythmic instruments such as tribal drums and cajons to melodic instruments such as the ukeleles. In this short span of time, facilitators can be engaged to instruct the audiences how to play very simple beats! One example would be the beat for the famous song We Will Rock You. Soon after, I assure you that the whole room will be filled with BOOM BOOM PA! BOOM BOOM PA! Thereafter, it’s time to call out for volunteers to sing and dance! IT IS GOING TO BE ONE CRAZY PARTY! Therefore, quick energizers are definitely one possible method to consider when wanting to engage your audience in a short span of time!


BANDINC®  is a program headed by a company called Team Music and they focus on Corporate team building through playing in a band! With this program being a way to fulfill the dreams of many aspiring singers and instrumentalist, you can be assured that the participants will have the time of their lives. Don’t worry, having prior musical experience is not a prerequisite for joining this program. Having done over 200 companies, with the majority of them having no prior musical experience, these companies were all able to bring home a video which showcases themselves as a band playing not one but TWO songs successfully! This program will be headed by facilitators who are equipped to train participants on how to play various instruments, namely the drums, guitars, ukuleles, percussions, keyboards and the bass guitar. By the end of the session, these participants come together and play in a band and that is where the magic happens; many were able to achieve what they never even dreamed of doing. A music video will be taken which the participants are playing in the band! This video can then be shown during the corporate meeting or event, and trust me, seeing yourselves or your friend on a huge screen playing an instrument you have never even seen before, is a comical yet rewarding experience. Furthermore, during the corporate event or meeting, these participants can perform the 2 pieces which they learned during BANDINC®  and hence giving them a chance to show case their new found musical talents to the rest of the company!


MTVINC is also a program headed up by Team Music and focuses on bringing forth corporate collaboration through the creation of a professional music video! In this program, participants will firstly be divided into groups and will then be given a popular song which they would have to rewrite the lyrics! These songs can range from HAPPY by Pharrell Williams to NOBODY by Wondergirls! After writing the lyrics, it’s singing time! Participants will then sing their new lyrics over the minus one track of the song they had chosen. Don’t fret, professional recording equipment will be used, so rest assured everyone of your voices can be heard! Lastly, the participants will then creatively plan out their music video and consequently execute the plan! There will be dancing, acting and singing in accordance to the track which they just recorded. The facilitator will then proceed on to do audio and video editing ensuring that the final product is nothing short of perfection. These videos can then be shown during the corporate events and meetings! Once again, these videos will be a source of entertainment but more importantly a source of accomplishment as stronger bonds and friendships were formed during the entire process.

Daniel Kan is Founding Director and Corporate Band Coach at Team Music, a team-building company specialising in the use music to bring people closer. His team building company is based in Singapore, Hong Kong. Daniel has 3 years of music events management experience. Along with his musically proficient team of lead facilitators, they have created BANDINC® and MTVINC, both unique music experiences for their proactive corporate audience. Follow Team Music at

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