How to Design a Flyer for an Event

In the contemporary digital world, the largest share of advertising and communications is overtaken by the web. However, the event flyers managed to survive in these challenging conditions and remain a common way to attract or invite people to some event. Such flyers are often used to announce a party, workshop, conference, and many other types of events. Despite the rapid development of social networking, print still has its followers.

Designing a flyer embraces a huge variety of options which depend on the event itself. The following article will be useful for those who decided to abstain from boring digitalization and want to create flyers instead.

Best sizes for your flyer

When you decide to design a flyer for an event, the first thing to consider is the size. It is critical that you pick the right paper size to deliver both the essential data and emotional aspect of the upcoming event.

The most practical size for a flyer is A4. A flyer must be compact so people can take it with them and share it with their friends. The flyer must be able to fit into a bag or a pocket. The A4 format provides enough space to express creativity and to provide detailed information about your event.

A smaller option for a flyer is the A5 size. This format is widely used for letterbox leaflet drops and trade show flyers. Although the A5 size is two times smaller than the A4 size, it still provides sufficient space for your message.

If you need more room for your flyer design, you could choose the A3 format as it represents 2 A4 sheets. This size is typical for newspaper inserts, takeout menus in the restaurants, direct mail advertisements, and other activities.

Information to include

As soon as you have selected the flyer size, you need to prepare the information to be placed on the paper. The content of the flyer depends on the event. You need to provide information that answers the most common questions, such as “what?”, “where?” and “when?”

If your event can highlight some extraordinary or unique features, (e.g. a prominent guest or famous performer), such details should be emphasized. Besides, you may use it to brand your event — which attracts more audience. Do not forget the most basic of rules: less is more. Your flyer should not be overfilled with text and data. It must be interesting and attractive. Do not show all of your cards on the flyer, and place some intrigue on this sheet of paper.

By the way, if there are some restrictions or limitations to visit the event, they should be mentioned as well.

Best colors for your flyer

It is almost impossible to say what color fits your flyer entirely because the color combination depends on the theme of the event. For example, if you plan a night time party, the colors on the flyer should emphasize the atmosphere of the event. In this case, a dark background and neon colors will be the perfect combination

Any color and tint can become a part of your flyer design. The main idea of the proper use of colors is to achieve a color harmony. The flyer should not be too dappled as well as too dull.

Creating a mockup first

On the web, there are thousands of event flyer design examples to use for various events. However, if you decide to make a flyer from scratch, it is recommended to use Photoshop. This software provides numerous options for the development of your flyer. If you are not sure of the size of the flyer, you may try several options in Photoshop and then choose the most appropriate. This program allows you to adjust various parameters, such as size, resolution, color mode, pixel aspect ratio, and more. Of course, there are other software options which can be used to create a flyer mockup. These include Adobe Illustrator, Print Creations, GIMP and many others.

When you select or create a flyer mockup, you should start developing an event flyer design.

Test different designs of your flyers

The flyer of your future event is a great way to invite or attract people to come. For this reason, the flyer must be catchy and exciting to catch people’s attention. The best way to select the most appropriate design of your flyer is to test several event flyer design templates and choose the best one. It is recommended to make 3 or 4 design templates and vote on the most attractive design. The poll can be done on social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. During this test, you need to focus on the people’s opinion on the design of your flyer. Naturally, everyone has their taste, and the opinions will differ. Your task is to group similar ideas and to make changes based on the feedback collected. Such activity will help you improve the final design of your flyer and make it more alluring for your audience.

The main design rules for your flyer

Flyers have around for a long time. Do not reinvent the wheel but take into account the advice and recommendations of professional designers on creating flyers.

  1. Make a contrast between the dark and light areas. i.e. place dark text on light area and vice versa.
  2. Every element put on the flyer should have enough space. The flyer should not be crowded.
  3. Use font weight to draw attention to a particular text of a message.
  4. Text on the flyer should be simple and informative.
  5. Use a grid system to align the elements of your flyer. Place the most important items in the center.
  6. The resolution of images used must be the highest.
  7. Use a full bleed technique to avoid white borders around your flyer.

Avoid popular mistakes

You can make the design of your flyer even better if you avoid the following common mistakes.

  • Avoid too much clutter of either text or images to make your flyer design visually appealing and attractive.
  • Avoid complex texts or phrases. The audience must understand the message of your flyer. Do not repeat the same information several times, because it may turn off the people’s attention.
  • Avoid using images of low quality. It does not require any explanation because flyers with low-resolution images do not look appealing.
  • Avoid using full uppercase in your text. When reading text written in uppercase, it seems like the message is yelling. Uppercase should be used to emphasize certain information, but it does not refer to the entire text.

Other useful tips

The creation of the flyer is coming to an end. For this reason, make the final checks.

  • Check your spelling and proofread the text of your flyer.
  • Show your design to another person. Some missing points may be spotted by a person who was not engaged in the creation of the flyer.
  • Use your strong branding to attract a massive turnout at your event.

Best event flyer design templates

For your attention, several best templates of flyers for various events are introduced.

  1. Rock concert

Rock concert flyer

Dark colors, a performer, and the audience create a good understanding of the upcoming event. By the way, the flyer looks a bit shabby, which adds some underground tint to the event.

  1. Digital music concert

Digital music flyer

Unlike the underground indie music, the modern digital music provokes different associations. The burst of colors and contrast are the key features of this flyer. The absence of borders on the sheet improves the perception of everyone who looks at this image.

  1. Sports event

Sports event flyer

Do you need to attract more visitors to your establishment? So have a look at this flyers with the invitation to watch sports events. The idea and presentation are simple as a pie. When people see this flyer, they immediately understand the content.

  1. Holiday party

Holiday party flyer

This is an example of the simplicity of presentation. Such flyer can be created by an ordinary person. However, it contains all the necessary and essential information. The combination of colors is also unusual that adds uniqueness to the flyer.

  1. Vintage flyer

Vintage flyer

This design template is very attractive regardless of the content and event placed on the flyer. A simple intermixture of black and white colors provides a feeling of some old-fashioned event. The creators have masterfully used several fonts to introduce each part of the content.


It is not necessary to be a designer to create a flyer for your event. The advice above will help you make a plan for flyer development and help you avoid common mistakes. Be creative in your undertaking and do your best to achieve your goals!

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