How To Choose The Perfect Venue For Your Event

What’s an event without the perfect venue?

Location, decor and ambience speak volumes about your event and play an important part in the experience. However, besides looking pretty for the guests and their cameras, here are 4 factors to consider when selecting your ideal space:



Location, location, location! (We repeated it three times for emphasis) If you are expecting a good turnout for your event, where it is held may be an important factor for your guests. Nobody wants to spend an hour or more travelling to a venue, and another back. For that reason, central areas are always popular choices for events, especially if they are a stone’s throw away from public transportation. An accessible and convenient location always wins!

Size it Up

Size it UpSource

Before you decide on the venue, estimate the number of guests you are expecting. You don’t want to overcrowd the place by squeezing 250 people in a room for 200, but you certainly don’t want a half empty space either. Once you have an approximation of the attendance, decide on the layout of your event. Is it a cocktail reception, a banquet, or a seminar? Different formats will result in larger or smaller capacities for guests, so you should be able to gather an estimated size of your preferred venue.

The Perks

The PerksSource

Booking the venue usually takes up most of the planning budget, so you’re going to want to stretch your dollar for all it’s worth. Check with venues regarding their facilities and if they offer any deals that include catering and multimedia setups. These services may come in-house or with prearranged vendors. Also, free parking is a great perk for guests driving to the event. Venues that come with these amenities will save you both time and money, making your planning process a breeze.



Certain venues come with strict policies and restrictions, so make sure to peruse them before booking to avoid any inconveniences. Restrictions may be imposed on decor, the type of food served, and sometimes, alcoholic beverages. Some venues may also charge extra to accommodate your preferred vendors, in the event that their partnering vendors do not suit your fancy. This may result in unnecessary expenses, so you are better off booking venues that offer more flexibility.

Choosing an ideal venue can help craft the perfect event experience for you and your guests. In addition to good ambience and beautiful decor, accessibility, flexibility and value will encourage an amazing turnout for your event without breaking the bank!

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