Google+ as a Complement to Event Management Software

Google+ may be a relative newcomer in the world of social media (it was only opened up to the mass public in September 2011), but its high-profile, influential owner means it is already making big inroads into the sector.

Operating as a social networking and identity service, Google+ has about 540 million monthly active users on the identity side, and 300 million active monthly active users on the social networking side. As the 2nd largest social networking site after Facebook, it is a useful tool for leisure and business users alike, so anyone organizing events in the near future would be wise to include it as part of their promotional strategy.

2 main strengths of GooglePlus are its photography and hangout features. With other features including integration with Google Calendar, the potential benefits are numerous. We’ll go through some ways in which you might use it here.

1. Getting Started

First, you’ll need to create a Google+ user profile or a Google+ business page, then you can click on the events icon in the sidebar to get started.

Creating a GooglePlus Business Page

Creating a Google+ Page for your Business


Creating an Event on Google+

Click on the Events button to get started.


2. Create your Google+ Event

In the process of setting up your Event on Google+, don’t forget to create your event using your event management software too, so you can add ticketing and RSVP options and then link back to the social network and vice versa.

Linking GooglePlus to your Event Management Platform


3. Organise your Google+ Circles

If you have a closed event with a real location, be sure to uncheck the “Make this event on air” option and do not invite your Public Circles. It is important by now to organise your Google+ social network into circles, so that your audience is segmented. For example, you may have one circle for Exhibitors, one circle for potential attendees, and one circle for internal colleagues for internal discussion.


4. Making your Event Public

To allow your event to go public you’ll need the ‘Events On Air’ option that means anyone can find the page, view your photos, share the event and make comments. This is a good idea if you really want to increase awareness and boost attendance leveraging on the Google+ network.


Making your Google+ Event on Air and discoverable


5. Option of having a Virtual Event

Finally, don’t forget the Advanced Google+ Hangout Option, which invites people to a virtual meeting.


Making your event Virtual with Google Hangout

Making your Virtual Event with Google Hangout


Once everything is set up, you can start posting messages about your events and share details that will encourage people to fill in your online registration forms. If you want clearer and better trackability for the invitation emails, you can still use your email marketing platforms that you are subscribing to for better visibility of the effectiveness of your email.

Google+ has many useful features that could make it a complimentary tool to your existing event management platform for event organizers.