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Good Subject Lines Could Increase Event Registrations

Event managers will no doubt already be putting a lot of thought into the ticket registration forms they send out via email, ensuring text, HTML links and color all look as good as they possibly can.

However, it may be worth spending a little more time on the subject line, an aspect that can be viewed as something of an afterthought by marketers yet is crucial when it comes to getting people to look at messages in the first place.

If you’re unsure about how to create a great subject line that increases your message open rates and ultimately leads to more ticket sales, then we have some advice that could prove helpful.

1.     Add personalization where possible

Putting a person’s name in the subject line of an email means they are more likely to pause and read it – and consequently open it. Indeed, according to MailerMailer’s 13th Email Marketing Metrics Report published this year, personalizing subject lines resulted in an 8.8 per cent rise in open rates over the past 12 months. In the past, this tactic had been questioned over fears that it appeared ‘spammy’, but recipients now seem much more aware of when genuine emails are being sent. In addition, they appear to like the feeling of being valued that using their name provides. However, do ensure that personalization doesn’t add too many characters – and that your company name is visible in the email address to lower the chances of it looking like an unsolicited message.

2.     Keep it short

People are pressed for time these days and a lengthy subject line will look off-putting and waffly. Plus it might even be cut off in some browsers. Keep subject lines simple and on-message to pique your recipients’ interest. We would suggest you keep it to within 50 characters, including spacing.

3.     Don’t ask for money

Words like ‘help’ and outright requests for money could mean your message goes straight into the spam folder or gets deleted. Avoid them entirely and focus on the value you’re offering to recipients, not the other way round.

4.     Choosing the right words to encourage action

A recent study by MailChimp found that the phrase ‘Last Chance’ had a hugely negative impact on open rates, suggesting people don’t want to be threatened when reading their messages. Try to convey a sense of urgency in another way.Usage of words such as “Urgent” or “Important” had positive impact on open rates instead of “Last Chance”.


Source: Mailchimp Blog – Subject Line Data: Choose Your Words Wisely

5.     Make them professional

Your messages could be filtered out as spam if they are laden with exclamation marks and written entirely in capital letters, so ensure you keep to a professional layout, no matter how excited you are about your event.

Following these tips when using planning your email marketing campaign should ensure your messages appeal enough to your audience to make them want to find out more.

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