Functional Technology at Events Could Really Make a Difference

Using technology at an event to make it as interactive and intuitive as possible for attendees could be a great way to really stand out from the crowd, an expert has said.

President and chief executive of Imagine Xhibits Ann Windham told Associations Now magazine that replacing old-fashioned paperwork for both organizers and visitors can result in a much more exciting day or weekend.

“If the technology is creating an experience that’s memorable – faster access, shorter lines – then it’s doing its job and people remember it. It’s got to be more than just the cool factor,” she pointed out.

For example, Ms Windham explained that a tablet computer may be put to use for site previews, scanning of badges or tickets and even remotely controlling things like stage curtains and microphone volumes.

The cloud is also allowing organizers to reduce their paper usage, as this kind of storage negates the need to carry around ring-binders and to issue delegates with packs of handouts. Also, as long as attendees have a smartphone or tablet, they can read presentations, share documents and even send questions to speakers in real-time.

“If you can engage people on mobile, they will give you data and then you can provide more data to your exhibitors,” Ms Windham told the publication.

GEVME’s event data management has an API to easily integrate data from mobile to a centralised platform, such as event check-in time

The mobile engagement story is further proven at another event, where 170 meetings were set-up on mobile via a business matchmaking function within the event app. “It took the chance out of such meetings”, said Paul O’Callaghan, Chief Executive of BlueTech Research, who used at app at Singapore International Water Week last year.

Of course, it is not just at the event when technology can be a real asset for those running conferences or workshops. Event management software can allow post-event follow-up based on attendance, interest level at event to allow a more effective engagement of your event attendees, which will ultimately drive more leads for your exhibitors. A streamlined workflow to collect and data-mine the information collected could lead to a better ROI for your event and your event partners.