Event CRM: Top 5 tips that your Sales people would love

Customer relationship management (CRM) is becoming a vital consideration for businesses in all kinds of sectors; with so much competition and potential customers also tightening their budgets, brands need to prove they are the best in order to stand out from the rest.

This often results in them improving their customer service, as a positive experience can be the difference between a client returning and failing to do so, thereby taking their business – and their money – elsewhere. Someone who feels as though they have had good service may also talk about it via avenues like social media, encouraging others to use the same brands. Importantly though, tales about poor service will also be shared using such channels – and people are more likely to tell friends and acquaintances about negative experiences than happy ones.

CRM is even more important when it comes to the management of events like conferences, trade shows or seminars. A smart marketer can help enable Sales by selecting an Event CRM that has the right tools and information that would help Sales engage their customers better.

Here are the top five things we think are most important to consider when using your CRM system to enhance your customer experience, and ultimately drive sales revenue:

1. Cloud-based system for easy access to information for Sales

Your sales people would typically be on the move but often, they would need to access customer information anytime, anywhere. Legacy systems used to be on-premise but with the availability of cloud-based CRM platforms, information can be made available anytime, anywhere.

2. Let Sales know what events their client has attended

Typically, events are organised with an objective in mind. It could be informing customers of a new product, keeping customers updated of the latest technological happening and sounding them out on their interest of various products and services, and the list goes on. Keeping a list of all the events that each of your client has attended will help Sales engage in an intelligent conversation with their client, if they have the data easily.

Events Dashboard to see which events your client has attended

Events dashboard at contact level to help Sales have a better recollection of what their customers have seen and heard


3. Collect information about attendees that can be used later

Your CRM management system will also feature space to store details about attendees who have been to or expressed an interest in past events, so ensure you collect some and use it. This allows you to look at a list of potential invitees and then select them as targets for event registration forms, so they are always aware of upcoming events and feel valued to be contacted. This may make them more likely to feel loyal to your brand and register. At the same time, your Sales team would have a better view of the customer, such as their latest job position, any change in phone number etc.

4. Alert for VIP Customers

In today’s context, most organisers are more lean in resources, and that typically means that one salesperson could be managing hundreds of accounts, and possibly more than a thousand contacts each. There will always be a few key clients that Sales would like to be kept updated in event of any activities or touchpoints happening to these VIP clients so an alert system, such as having a “Follow” button would help Sales be selective of who they want to engage more closely and kept updated on.



Having a follow button for your Sales people may help them engage their VIP clients better

5. Email insights

Similar to events attended but probably happening on a more frequent basis, most organisations would be sending out periodic newsletters to their client base. Allowing sales the visibility into the email response at each customer contact level, such as which email open, clicked, videos viewed etc, would help Sales use this intelligence to engage each customer better and hold more intelligent conversations around their interest in specific products and services.


Email Audit Trail for added Sales intelligence

Letting Sales know what customer has viewed enables intelligent conversation at the next customer meeting

A good Event CRM has the power to improve event attendance, help Sales engage their clients better, generate more leads and opportunities, and ultimately, revenue for your organisation.