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Entertainment Ideas to Maximize Corporate Event Benefits

Ever heard a few sighs across the office right after hearing that there’s going to be a company event, conference, or something that usually takes up half a day during that special long weekend? Well me neither, but that doesn’t mean all is fine and dandy. We all need that extra break and relaxation but if an event has to happen during the sacred period, make sure that everyone is happy during and after the process.

A successful event not only gets what the organizer wants, but also helps to nurture and promote well-being and foster better relations within and beyond your organization. Sounds good? Awesome! Here are 10 entertainment ideas for your next corporate event.

1. The Comedian

=Laughter is the best medicine, and comedy is the prescription. Hire a comedian to inject fun and color to chase away the blues; just the sad, negative ones. Have him poke some fun at your CEO or do an impersonation of him, make light of your industry as a whole (time to give accountants a break).

2. The Musician

Musical Fingers

Musical fingers – Vincent Lock,

Speaking about the blues, why not hire a band to play for your event? Have them write a song about the company or do an improvisation based on words chosen by the audience. Music is an effective way to “set the tone” in your event. A good example here would be the Oscars, they have an entire orchestra to play live for the event. Magnificent! As it should be, it’s the Oscars.

3. The Magician

Lego Magician

Magician (Lego) – ThaQeLa,

Wouldn’t it be nice to magically get the sales you need to hit that monthly quota? Wouldn’t it be awesome to magically get your attendees to respond to your surveys? Well yes, but the chances are slim, very, very slim. The next best thing? Get a magician! Hire one that can weave a positive message to your audience, break free from the limiting beliefs and constraints! That anything is possible if you believe in yourself. There. Motivational Magic! (omg, that’s actually a thing)

4. The DJ


DJ – Seniju,

Book a DJ to play hits from a certain era like in the 80s. If the space is right, and the decorations are perfect, get em’ all to loosen up and mingle! “Shake a leg buddy!”

Not sure where to find a DJ? Check out Band on the Run and livebandsingapore, for more information.

5. The Improviser


Improv – Doctor Popular,

A personal favorite act of mine. Hire a vocal improv group to take requests and turn them into a parody or a funny performance. Whose line is it anyway? Anyone?

To point you in the right direction, check out “The Improv Company” (home-made in Singapore) and their Youtube page.

6. Talent Show

Hotline Bling - Drake

Hotline Bling Music Video by Drake – Wikimedia Commons link

You might already know this but I thought it deserves a mention. Though it’s not for the shy, it’s really effective in forging cohesion within the company. Also, imagine your boss on stage singing and dancing to the tune of “Hotline Bling” by Drake.

Ok, scratch that last part.

7. Board Games

Clue (the board game)

Clue (the board game) – John Lambert Pearson,

There are so many types and genres of table top games out there that are epic-ly fun to play and watch. Easy to play and under 30 minutes. So much time is spent on our work desk and digital devices that we forget to interact and enjoy each others’ company. There are a plethora of table top games from it’s genre, number of players, theme and etcetera. Trust me, you’ll love it!

Forget Monopoly! Here are a few games I would recommend for you to check out:

<30mins games:

  • Coup (deception)
  • Zombie Dice (more brains, more points!)
  • Tsuro: The Game of the Path (multiplayer, free for all)

>30mins games:

  • Pandemic (team vs an outbreak of viruses)
  • Betrayal at House on the Hill (team based co-op vs a Traitor)
  • Castle Panic (co-op)

8. Food Glorious Food!


Sushi – stuart_spivack,

Want to have all your attendees’ eyes gleam in anticipation? Tell them 3 words. Sushi. Fresh. Itamae.

We all have to eat, live food preparation is a great solution to both problems. Have you ever watched a food segment on the tele and find yourself looking for something to eat? Yea, that’s the idea.

Fun fact:

Watching people eat is a huge thing in Korea and it is referred as “mukbang” or, food broadcast in short. Curious? Click here to read more.

9. Cats and Dogs


Dog – James Harrison,

It’s proven that being in the company of a cat or a dog relieves stress in an individual. Hire a handler (or more) to bring in a bunch of em’ and either let them roam around an area or designate a time and an area for fellow humans beings to interact with them.

Not convinced? Check out this video. 😀

10. Vertical Rockets!

Welcome to Leleuvia island

Welcome to Leleuvia island – Nick Hobgood,

I jest. Virtual Reality! VR is something to consider in the future. VR was made with entertainment in mind. I’m sure it’ll find its use during events pretty soon then you might think.

Oh, and imagine if AR (augmented reality) hitting the shelves in the near future and into everybody’s life. You could technically take everybody to the beach. Imagine sipping a coconut (with a mini umbrella on top) while resting on a reclinable. To top it off, hire servers to serve drinks and snacks. Nice!

So there you go folks! 10 ideas to add value into your company event. Got a better idea? Let us hear what you think by the comment section below. Till next time! Cheers!

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