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Empowering Event Teams: Omnichannel Features for Modern Events

Empowering Event Teams Omnichannel Features for Modern Events

The ever-evolving industry of events keeps providing new opportunities as well as challenges to event planners and at the forefront of these innovations is of paramount importance to create successful events. 

At CONNECT Fall 2023, we aimed to help you adapt to the changing event landscape through new-age solutions and enhancements in our omnichannel platform 

while shedding light on the various ways in which these enhancements can elevate your experience and streamline your event planning process. 

Let’s delve into the exciting updates Gevme has introduced to empower event planners in navigating this dynamic terrain.

Business Matching and Networking 

We introduced some critical improvements that will redefine engagement and networking at events. Starting with upgraded AI recommendations for attendees to sponsor, product, and exhibitor matching. Scheduling meetings and facilitating contact exchanges have also been simplified with our new upgrade. Attendees will also benefit from daily digests and reminders, ensuring they stay engaged throughout the event.

Moreover, our system allows for the application of matching rules to specific attendee groups, tailoring the networking experience. Recommendations are further refined based on the content of files uploaded by attendees, enhancing the relevance of connections made.

Example of how recommendation works based on files uploaded

These AI enhancements collectively create an environment that fosters more targeted and meaningful interactions among event participants, ultimately expanding opportunities for networking and lead generation.

Analytics and Reporting

Through our latest enhancements in Analytics and Reporting, reports can be loaded 28% faster, enabling you to access valuable insights swiftly and seamlessly. 

Additionally, we’ve expanded our capacity, enabling the upload of millions of reports. These improvements empower event organizers to make informed, data-driven decisions in real time, enhancing the efficiency and responsiveness of your event management. With these advancements, you’ll have the tools you need to optimize your events and deliver exceptional experiences.


One of our core products, Registration, has undergone significant upgrades. These improvements provide you with enhanced control over pending order cancellations, granting more flexibility in managing your event orders. 

On the frontend, the merchandise feature within registration has received a visual makeover, ensuring not only aesthetic appeal but also an enriched attendee experience and increased signage. In the backend, the admin panel has been refined to enhance its user-friendliness for event professionals while maintaining meticulous order tracking capabilities.

Furthermore, our membership feature, integrated into the registration process, has been upgraded to elevate the attendee registration experience. Now, you can define your event members by including all attendees who have registered for any of your events and create multiple membership levels that offer varying degrees of access to your event. 

These comprehensive upgrades cater to both attendees and organizers, providing a seamless and versatile registration experience.

Mobile Companion App 

Within the Mobile Companion App, we’ve introduced an entirely customizable dedicated event landing page, offering a rich array of mini experiences. 

Additionally, we’ve integrated native notifications to ensure attendees receive timely updates and information while remaining engaged throughout the event. 

To streamline the attendee experience, we’ve also implemented the convenience of a magic link login, making access effortless, secure and a user-friendly experience for all participants.

This update enhances the versatility and interactivity of our Mobile Companion App, allowing event organizers to tailor the app’s content to their specific needs and preferences. 

Key Takeaways

The recent omnichannel updates have been thoughtfully designed with a primary emphasis on fostering connections, facilitating insights, and driving engagement across the entire event lifecycle. At the heart of these enhancements lies a powerful synergy between cutting-edge AI and automation, carefully curated to enhance productivity without compromising the invaluable human touch that defines exceptional events.

For event organizers seeking to elevate their events to new heights, these innovative features offer a plethora of opportunities. They pave the way for the creation of more profound and impactful experiences that resonate with both attendees and sponsors. Beyond the event’s duration, these advancements unlock year-round engagement possibilities, ensuring that your event’s influence extends far beyond its immediate timeframe. It’s an exciting leap forward, presenting boundless potential for those who seize the opportunity to explore and embrace these transformative capabilities.

Level up your events with Gevme’s omnichannel event platform

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