Doing Business Abroad – Reaching out to China

An increasing number of businesses are now interacting with suppliers, buyers and clients overseas as an essential part of building up their revenue.

China is one country in particular that is becoming more joined-up with other nations across the world as it works its way towards development – indeed, the recent Mergermarket league tables found that the number of outbound mergers and acquisitions in China has more than doubled in the past five years.

This means that businesspeople in the west and east are increasingly going to be doing business together – and for events organizers, it means reaching out to set up meetings, conferences and shows in order to do so.

However, it is important to point out that when doing business abroad, whether it is selling products or encouraging people to register for trade show tickets, recipients must be targeted with their culture in mind.

Importance of Guanxi

For example, head of business development at Barings Asset Management David Stevenson told the Daily Telegraph that Chinese companies tend to value loyalty more highly, plus their people place a great importance of relationships in the business decision-making process (in China, better known as Guanxi).

Social Media in China

Furthermore, B2B International states that 92 per cent of Chinese citizens connected to the internet use some form of social media, while email is the primary means of communication when it comes to dealing with foreign customers or suppliers.

It may be worthwhile to note that while the Western part of the world are using social media tools like Facebook and Twitter, the equivalent in China would be the likes of Renren (formerly known as Xiaonei) and Sina Weibo, where millions in China login on a daily basis.

Auspicious Colour

And since colours could be a factor in conversion rates and red being seen as an auspicious colour in China, having your Call-To-Action buttons in red could well make a subtle difference when targeting at the delegates from China, especially during the festive season.