Creative Ways to Promote an Event on Facebook

Facebook services 1.7 billion people.  It is a clear choice for reaching the most optimal number of individuals for your event.    

Advertising on Facebook is a creative and smart way to get your event promoted quickly.  As advertising is one of the largest streams of revenue for Facebook, the company invests a large deal of time designing easy-to-use advertising platforms and allows event marketers to reach a much broader audience.

Types of ads on Facebook

Considering that there are several creative ways to advertise on Facebook, event organizers use it frequently to gain recognition for their event and allow attendees to become involved in the Facebook profile.  Generate interests in upcoming events through Facebook and keep your attendees.  Thousands of ads run on Facebook including, clothing, pet supplies, insurance ads, and home goods.  

How to run creative video ad on Facebook

Capture awareness in your ads.  One of the largest marketing trends is live video. Facebook is committed to live video.  It has a tremendous impact on creative advertising on Facebook.  First, choose a memorable event name.  Events with long names tend to be overlooked, as most people use their phones when using Facebook.

Statistics show that longer titles will not appear nicely on a phone screen, and with 54 percent of individuals using their phones the shorter the event title you choose, the better.

Data is helpful for feedback from Facebook to share your event.  Facebook has its algorithm, and it is important for you to input the right information.

You want to include where the event is going to be, and when the event will be starting.  Select the event category that makes the most sense for what you are promoting.   

Add tags that you think attendees will be looking for or searching. For example, if your event is promoting social entrepreneurship the “entrepreneurship” category makes the most sense.  

How to promote creative photo ad on Facebook

The cover photo you choose should be interesting to your viewers and eye-catching.  You should choose a cover photo and fix the guidelines showing 1920 by 1080 pixels.  

Other people will see the cover photos as you share your event with attendees, they will share with friends as well, and the cover photo will be the first aspect that people view.  

How to advertise for free on Facebook?

It is amazing how frugal it is to present creative ads on Facebook.  If your business is running low on funds, creative Facebook ads are a breeze.  To spend zero money on your ad, locate a Facebook post related to the event with is called a “high engagement rate.”  Set up your company page to promote your event.  Individuals who are interested in the company will appreciate the page as they can see promotions you have.

Set up Remarketing

The module you will want to use is called “Upcoming Events,” and it appears on the left-hand side of the page.  This page allows for more added exposure and return attendees.  Facebook has the best tools for remarketing events.  Ads to Collect Responses for event organizers are key.  Facebook uses the “Interested” and “Going’” buttons.  Individuals who click these are not obligated to come to your event but may come to events in the future.  

Track Results with Facebook Pixel Setup

This enables you to measure and optimize to build audiences onto your campaign Facebook site.  You can see customer’s movement between devices.  Make sure that your ads are being viewed by the right people.  You can also create ads on Facebook sites based on products that people review.

10 best creative examples of Facebook advertising and promotion

  1. Make sure ads fit phones as most individuals use this for Facebook.
  2. Choose which friends you want to choose from your Facebook friends list.
  3.  You may urge to target friends or attendees to come for your event.  Friends can share with friends.
  4. “Lookalike audience.”  Target a custom audience that has the same interests as friends or fans.
  5.  Cohorts from work spread the word and hope for the ads to go viral.  
  6.  Creative Facebook Adwords.
  7. Host countdowns.  
  8. The success of the Facebook events page will help to encourage return attendees.
  9. Upcoming Events.
  10. Post video and photo ads.


Use Facebook for creating fun and effective ads for your event campaigns.  It is simple, frugal, and incredibly smart in today’s world.  You want to capture all people all the time.  While Facebook is one of the most widely used social media tool, phones are as well. When you advertise on Facebook, your core audience has access to your events 24 hours a day and seven days out of the week.  


Using Facebook to create effective ads for event planning is an infectious and for some people, the most likely way they will view events online.  Using targeted Facebook ads reach individuals that are likely to share your event, and attend.

Get started with Facebook event promotion and boost your event recognition in the blink of an eye.