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Creating Your Oscar-Worthy Event

Lights! Camera! Action! Yes, yes, you probably think that’s the most cliché of openings, but then again much of what you see in movies are clichés anyway. And, to be fair, clichés exist because they do work to some degree. Keep that in mind as we explore how to create an Oscar-worthy event.


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Content Is King/Queen

The first and most important thing that you must never ever forget is that good content always wins the day. At the risk of sounding a bit rude, (though it is a risk I will take because of how apt it is) you simply cannot polish a turd. Yes, of course it is possible to dress up your event with slick visuals, effects, music or advertising, but at the end of the day content is king. Therein lies the difference between a box-office hit and an award-winning, critically-acclaimed piece of art. Sure, having Michael Bay-esque special effects or stunning CGIs will bring in the audiences and the cash, but try to recall an Oscar-winning film that did not have a stunning story, great acting or directing behind it. It is impossible.

So while you are creating that world-class event, always remember to have substance to the story. Provide a good narrative, stick to a carefully thought out theme, and have solid, heartfelt and genuine content. That will win you your audiences and plaudits.


Now that you’ve got your killer material, you must remember that the best story in the world still needs to be heard to make an impact. This is where Hollywood truly excels – marketing. I am quite sure we have all been in the situation where we have seen a great trailer or commercial for a movie and have been spellbound into shelling out money to watch it – only to discover that 1) the end product did not live up to the illusion the advertising created, or 2) the movie was completely unlike what was portrayed in the trailer in the first place.


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That is all a very elaborate way to say that your pre-event campaigns are vital. Luckily for you, dear reader,I already have an article on that. But in essence, an Oscar-worthy event needs to have an Oscar-worthy audience size; ensure that your advertisements and marketing strategies are top notch.

Quality Is Key

It thus leads rather nicely in to this point: which is to always ensure that the quality of every single detail is as good as it could be. Don’t get me wrong – obviously there are constraints in terms of budget, talent or manpower amongst other things, but what I am saying is that even with those constraints, never allow yourself to compromise on quality. Choose the best possible people for the job and if that means it has to cost more, then as far as possible don’t be penny wise and pound foolish.

Take an aspect like photography. A good photographer’s best work may go unnoticed by your guests, but you can be pretty sure a bad one’s will be easily spotted. A viral social media post can and will severely affect your brand name; so don’t let yourself be the butt of the jokes. Good quality productions matched with good content is an award-winning combination.


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I’ve saved this point for the last because I truly believe the first three tips are more important in your quest for a Oscar-worthy event. However, let’s not underestimate the allure of star power. Just as the biggest movies tend to be fronted by the biggest stars, look for celebrity endorsements or appearances to add a touch of glamour to your event. It should go without saying that these personalities should have images that dovetail nicely with your own company’s image and if you can ensure that, half the battle for Oscar-worthiness is won.


 A picture of Emma Stone to personify my point perfectly. And just for kicks. / Source

That’s It

Obviously, it isn’t easy to produce something that is Oscar-worthy. There is a reason why so few people or productions can crack that stratosphere that is reserved for the “world-class”. That’s no reason, however, to stop you or your company from aiming for the stars. You can be sure, though, that these simple tips will help you on your way to Oscar-glory.

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