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Company Event Ideas for Employees

Company Event Ideas for Employees

A healthy corporate culture is one of the biggest jackpots an employer can win. Not only does employee engagement increase retention, but it’s also the fundamental productivity booster in any workplace. According to a study conducted by the Queen’s University School of Business, companies that have the most engaged staff achieve a 65% higher share price and 30% greater client satisfaction. So what does that say about keeping your employees engaged? Undoubtedly, this puzzle has a huge number of pieces, with corporate events being one of them. We’ve put together a list of ideas for employee engagement events that can make a corporation more successful.

Why you should organise corporate events

Have you ever observed how an ant colony works? With one queen, several drones, and hundreds of working ants, each colony is a superorganism focused on achieving one common goal. Since no ant can control anything without the assistance of the others, communication is the secret to their success. Just like an ant colony, synergy lies at the heart of efficient corporate work. If there’s one reason why you should have some corporate fun, it is because engaging events help you build a cohesive team that will work in sync to drive the progress of your organisation.

The best ideas for your next event

The best ideas for your next event

To make your corporate employees happy, you have to understand what makes them happy in the first place. Maybe it’s a new social responsibility program that will boost team commitment, or maybe they need some laser tag to blow off steam before an important product launch. Check out our list of fun event ideas for employees, and pick the one that matches your corporate spirit.

A big party never killed anybody

A big party never killed anybody

Too obvious? Well, the truth is, many companies are hosting one-in-a-million events to wow employees when all a team really needs is just a good old party. Amazon has a great tradition of hosting annual post-holiday parties for all employees and their plus ones. Last year, the event took place in the largest event hall of Seattle, with over 22,000 guests and DNCE as a headlining band.

Culinary adventures

How about a delicious corporate incentive trip? Regardless of the size of your team, people are generally united by a passion for food. From wine degustation in Italy to an olive party in Greece, there’s an endless variety of culinary ideas you can embed in an incentive trip. To make it truly engaging, plan this corporate journey in a way that combines the history of food, culture, cooking, and architecture to give it a local touch. For instance, if you take your team on a food tour to Amsterdam, don’t just go to the market and buy all kinds of cheese for everyone. You can partner with local hosts and ask them to provide your team members with the full “eat like a local” experience, from finding the right ingredients to getting a dish on the table.

Higher, faster, and stronger

No, we’re not telling you to take your corporate event team to the next Olympics. Open-air or in-house trampoline spaces can be great locations for your next team outing. If your employees enjoy sport activities, jumping will make the perfect fit. You can split the team into small groups, and they can compete against each other in a trampoline contest or just go crazy jumping around as a huge team. There are professional event planning agencies that can set up a trampoline party for you. Take a look at the recent jumping event organised for L’Oréal:

Doing good

Millennials have changed corporate cultures around the world. That’s a truth that event planners should take into account when planning corporate parties. According to a study by Elite Daily, 75% of millennials think it’s the responsibility of every corporation to give something to the surrounding world and not just profit from it. If you think this motto will appeal to your team, set up a volunteering event. The list of employee engagement event ideas centered on volunteering is endless. Whether it’s a big cleanup or a fun day with the kids, choose something that will make your team feel good.

No-no’s of corporate event planning

Even with the best corporate event ideas for employees in your pocket, there’s a chance you might make a mess of it. Check out the common mistakes you should avoid when planning a corporate event:

  • Using a time machine: You definitely don’t want your guests to think, “Wait, that’s the exact same event they’ve organised before.” Whether it’s a corporate training or a gala dinner, originality is king. Motivate employees to attend your next event through the use of fresh activities and a new destination, no matter how successful your previous event was.
  • Being a stranger: Many employers are reluctant to use the services of hired corporate event planners because they want someone who is intimately acquainted with the team and culture. Well, with the right dedication, even a complete stranger can capture the vibe of a company. Invest your time into some informal networking before planning an event, and you’ll find the right path.
  • Reshaping your plans: Once you have your idea and know how you are going to implement it, try not to get distracted. Unfortunately, quite often, a huge event team and last-minute changes push event planners off course. Efficient corporate event planning is based on a foolproof strategy and targeted actions.


Employee engagement is the best catalyst of corporate efficiency. Through the organisation of impactful corporate events, you can motivate your staff to get better results. Hopefully, these four company event ideas for employees along with the practical tips will help you throw fabulous corporate parties that boost team commitment.

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