Top 10 Event Management Podcasts

Are you looking for more valuable information and advice to grow as an event manager and professional? Nowadays, you don’t have to look far to find helpful tips and advice on event planning and event managing. Blogs, online courses, and workshops are helpful and informative. But podcasts are even better. They are useful and quite convenient for people who are usually on the go. Today you can find an array of podcasts related to the industry of events and meetings. If you go online and search, you can find event management podcasts, event planning podcasts, event industry podcasts, and even podcasts in event technology. The information is out there, you just have to know how and where to look for it.

Why Are Podcasts Becoming More Popular Than Blogs?

When blogging hit the internet in the late 1990s, it quickly evolved from a digital journal to a valuable source of ideas and information. At first, people blogged about everything from their experiences to their views on particular interests. Soon after, blogging became a useful tool for industries to spread ideas, increase awareness, and attract a larger audience. In addition, influencers, experts, and professionals began to use blogging as a platform to share their stories, experience, and knowledge with others who shared their interests. 

However, since podcasts entered the digital world in 2004, they have been growing in popularity and consumption. Podcasts are increasingly becoming more popular than blogs due to the advantages that consumers continue to find more attractive. People find it easier to connect and relate to the voice of a podcaster than with the written words of a blogger. The quality of the information in podcasts is more trustworthy than that of blogs. Experts, professionals, professors, and qualified people usually share first-hand information through the use of interviews. Moreover, podcasts are easier to consume because podcasts do not require any visual attention. Listening to a podcast does not require much effort, and you can listen to a podcast while multitasking.

You can see why podcasts are increasingly becoming more popular than blogs. In our particular case, the event and meeting industry has greatly benefited from the advantages of podcasts. As such, we have compiled a list of the top ten event management podcasts that are worth your time.

Event Tech Podcast

event tech podcast

Now hosted by Brandt Krueger and Will Curran, the Event Tech Podcast brings you the latest there is to know about innovative technology for the event industry. To try and implement new technological innovations to your events can sometimes be difficult to achieve. And many event organizers and managers might know where to start and how to look into using the latest technology in their events. Luckily, the hosts of this podcast do a good job of guiding their listeners through everything related to event technology. From breaking down complicated topics of technology for the listeners to helping the listeners with new ideas of how to implement new technology in events, the Event Tech Podcast does it all.  

The Savvy Event Planner

As for podcasts for event planners, The Savvy Event Planner is a popular podcast that serves as a great resource of knowledge for event planners. The host, Tim Crowl, invites to his podcast and interviews professional event planners, who offer useful insights and valuable ideas on planning events. The information shared in this podcast will be sure to help you to plan, organize, and host more incredible events. The Savvy Event Planner will guide you towards a better experience in planning your next event. This is one podcast you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

Event Industry News

When looking for podcasts in event technology, the Event Industry News podcast is a great option. This weekly, UK based podcast features a diverse spectrum of guests from the industry. The industry experts invited to the podcast delve into many aspects of event management and the event industry. Listeners can learn at length about many topics related to running events with the help of event technology. From the best practices for keynote speakers to the top tips for revamping marketing strategies to artificial intelligence, and to the latest in software technology, this podcast covers it all. Listeners will be glad to know that they will greatly benefit from this podcast.

Meeting Minds With Charles Eide

Hosted by Charles Eide, the Meeting Minds is a podcast among event industry podcasts that gives listeners a window to the fascinating world of event planning. Charles Eide Interviews a variety of well-known event leaders to discuss innovative ways of creating better experiences for audiences. Essential topics on event logistics are frequently explored on the podcast. The conversations on the podcast regularly touch upon useful topics concerning the nature of event meetings, conferences, event operations, venue types, keynote speakers, and how to avoid disorder at events. Additionally, the guests tend to share valuable tips and tricks that can be extremely helpful for the average event planner.   

The Amplifier Event Marketing Podcast

Looking for more relatable stories from event planners just like you? The Amplifier Event Marketing Podcast is both, an enlightening and fascinating podcast that brings to you the stories of low-profile professional event planners. The guests share their honest experiences and tips on what to do and what not to do when it comes to marketing an event or venue. The talks on The Amplifier Event Marketing Podcast are fun, motivational, and educational for anyone wanting to learn more about event marketing and planning.

Kara’s Vineyard Wedding Planning Podcast

Beyond the best event management podcasts, this weekly podcast is a practical professional wedding planning podcast for couples looking for a hands-free guide to plan their wedding. Kara’s Vineyard Wedding Planning Podcast sets out to simplify wedding plans with unique spins on wedding advice and ideas. Kara digs deep with detailed conversations about every wedding topic there is to know about. She delivers beneficial advice on many topics, from wedding dress shopping to relationship dynamics with in-laws to wedding reception catering, wedding speeches, and easy ways to save money.

Event Planners Club

When we look into the top event management podcasts, the Event Planners Club podcast is a brilliant talk show that offers quality content to listeners. The podcast brings together planning experts and vendors to share with listeners their best practices and secrets in the event industry. Overall, the Event Planners Club is worth listening to if you are looking to improve and evolve as an event planner.

Exposure Podcast

The Exposure Podcast is a monthly podcast that is produced by the Expo Group and co-hosted by Todd Carruth and Dana Frecker Doody. The podcast mostly focuses on technology, innovation, and events. With fun, engaging, and informative interviews, the Exposure Podcast serves as a great resource for event planners, event managers, or just about anyone interested in the event and exhibit industry. Entertaining conversations between the courteous hosts and the featured guests of the podcast are loaded with valuable information about the event industry. The thoughts, insights, and advice from the passionate professionals in every episode leave listeners coming back for more every month.


This weekly podcast gives its listeners real solutions, tips, trends, and advice from experts in the event industry. The host sits with the biggest names in the industry and explores themes related to planning and managing events. Listeners of the podcast also have the chance to ask any questions they want. A lot of useful information is shared on the podcast through the personal stories of the professional event planners as they often tell stories of overcoming all sorts of obstacles when planning, organizing, and managing events. The insights shared in the podcast are fundamental and beneficial when it comes to applying them to your own events.

Meetings Podcast

The longest-running and most popular talk show for event planners, the Meetings Podcast, is hosted by Mike McAllen and has been among the best event management podcasts for some time. With interviews that reveal the latest in the event industry, the Meetings Podcast serves as a worthy source of information for meeting planners and meeting organizers. The Meetings Podcast is also a good source of general information for event planning and event managing. The host, Mike McAllen has worked with several organizations and he has also interviewed renowned professionals in the industry. If you are looking for reliable information on event managing problem-solving, and the latest in event management news, this is the podcast to tune into.

Listen, Learn, And Stay On The Go

 Stay on top of the game with the latest in the event industry by listening to the top event management podcasts while you go on about your regular day. You can push your knowledge and skills in event management even further with the help of professionals and experts in the industry. All you have to do is connect, listen to a podcast, and learn from the best in the industry to level up as an event manager, organizer, or planner. What are you waiting for? 


With so many podcasts on the event industry, finding the right podcast with quality content, essential themes, and fun hosts can be difficult. The ten event management podcasts we listed above are exceptional and among the best in their kind. They are entertaining, informative, and addictive. We all know that time is valuable, so make the best out of your time by learning from the experiences of experts and professionals in the event management industry while you drive to work, do the laundry, or cook dinner.