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Attendee Experience: The Small Details

When it comes to the successfulness of an event, it’s only as good as the experience of your attendees. Besides educating and motivating them to a cause of action, one of your goals is to engage them and leave them feeling that their time and money were well spent. For a positive overall experience, the little things do matter and they all add up to how your guests feel!

Consider these 5 small but significant details that should not be overlooked:


An outdoor garden reception decorated in paper lanterns

Your decorations underscore the theme and ambience of your event, so take note of your visual elements to achieve an aesthetically pleasing and impactful experience! This includes the color scheme, lighting, decorative centerpiece, table decor, floral arrangements, and other thematic decorations. A vibrant or muted color palette can make all the difference to the mood of the occasion. Likewise, warm or cool lighting can affect the ambience as well. Do also take into consideration the purpose, theme, and venue of your event when you are designing the event space.


A sound engineer at work during an event

Auditory stimulation plays a part in shaping your attendee’s experience as well. Sound can trigger different moods and sentiments, so paying a little extra attention to the kind of music you are playing helps. This is comparable to how fast food chains enjoy playing upbeat tracks to encourage consumers to eat more food quickly, while fine-dining restaurants play slow music for a luxurious and relaxed experience. On a fundamental level, you’re also going to want to moderate the volume of music at your event so that your attendees don’t have to yell over it to communicate, and so that speakers and guests can be heard loud and clear when they are giving speeches.



Eating is arguably one of the most enjoyed activities, and as frequently preached, the way to someone’s heart is their stomach! To deliver a positive experience, simply satisfy the palate of your attendees. Run-of-the-mill catering delivers equally lackluster dining, which does nothing to please your hungry attendees. Pander to your attendees’ tastes by letting them vote on their preferred cuisine and dishes, or take it a step further and engage a renowned chef to craft your menu. Do remember to provide options for different dietary needs and guests with allergies.


Attendees take part in a poll during a talk

Don’t make your attendees sit through a talk or workshop that gives them little stimulation. Instead of a one-way communication, increase their engagement by encouraging them to contribute to the session. Provide a platform for them to send in their questions and feedback, perhaps via social media or a designated app for the event, or give them opportunities for discussion and activities during the length of the talk. As your attendees are likely to only be able to remember up to 4 main points, have your speaker keep the speech concise, with clear and straightforward takeaways.



Nobody likes their time wasted, so a smooth progression through the schedule of the event will really contribute to a positive experience for your attendees. From registration to your event activities and the reception, plan ahead and delegate enough staff at each station to minimize any delays. While event delays are commonplace, try to keep to the agenda as closely as possible to avoid upending of your attendees’ personal appointments. Event technology comes in useful with logistics, and you can utilize it to facilitate registration as well as inform your attendees of the schedule and where to be.

As much as your event serves to raise awareness and knowledge, promote product/service or to motivate a call to action, you won’t be able to achieve your goals if your attendees leave with a negative experience. A satisfactory event experience, on the other hand, inspires your attendees to support the event and paves the way for future activities. Crafting the perfect attendee experience consists of the whole sensory package; so don’t overlook any small details that can stimulate them! What other details do you pay attention to in your events? Leave a comment and let us know!

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