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Are You Truly Engaging Your Audience and Visitors?

Every event aims to excite, attract, and engage with their target audience in the most effective way possible. With the myriad of digital and traditional media channels available for use, what are the considerations when it comes to engaging your crowd?

Are there fool-proof ways of making sure that your message reaches your targets without you spamming your way through? Andy Choi, Regional Channel Sales Manager of Whispir shared his insights at the GEVME Xchange 2016 earlier this year.

Some of the key takeaways from his talk were:

  • Business is about relationships and engagement – and relationships start with a conversation. Conversations are different for everyone, so you have to engage in the most effective ways possible.
  • Adopt the omnichannel approach as it’s coordinated, consolidated and consistent. Customers have different habits, so you have to try your best to please these creatures of habit.
  • Avoid pitfalls such as lack of personalization and user fatigue
  • Ensure you are equipped and ready to use apps or technology to boost your engagement efforts

To learn more, download the slides and learn from Andy’s presentation.

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