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8 Benefits of an Attendance Tracking System at Events

Attendance tracking system

One of the biggest challenges event-managers face is data collection. Before organizing an event, event-managers collect data concerning attendance, ticket sales, and expectations. After an event, event planners also collect data on audience feedback and event performance. Without sufficient data, an event organizer can run into problems with providing an optimal experience for the event attendees.

The best solution to overcome this challenge is to employ a digital tool that assists with the planning of an event.  Many digital event-planning options exist. But which digital tool for event planning suits you best?

Let’s talk about the event attendance tracking system. Why is the tracking event attendance a must for event-organizers in collecting data? 

Understanding the Journey of the Attendandee

If you want to attract, engage with, and satisfy more event-goers, you need to know event-goers very well. The ability to understand attendees’ behaviours will help organisers to prepare for the event properly. With an event attendee tracking system, event planners can gain a better understanding of the expected audience.

Event managers can track users’ behaviour before an event by, keeping a record of online ticket purchases and event registrations. During an event, event managers can track how many people actually checked in, and which session or speaker was the most or least popular. After an event, event managers can collect data in the form of constructive feedback that could ultimately be helpful in improving future events.

Reasons to Track Event Attendance

An understanding of attendee’s behaviour helps event organisers to collect useful insights about the interests of event-goers. Consequently, you can better plan a budget, measure your investments, improve the onsite setup, and find new revenue streams.

Ways to Track Attendance

How to track event attendance? 

Event Check-in App

Thanks to the event attendance tracking app, you can track attendance data, manage a guest list, and boost engagement. Visitors can also communicate with each other, and be updated about any event news.

Online Event Registration Service

Onsite check-in is an easy way to track event attendance. Just let attendees register online. It will be convenient for them, and you will have access to essential data. 

Scanning QR codes

Especially for large-scale events, scanning QR codes can be a comforting experience for attendees. All thanks to the Attendance Management System. 

RFID name badges

If you implement the RFID technology solutions, you can streamline the onsite registration process by cutting down the registration and check-in time up to a few seconds. 


This option works towards attendees’ engagement. Gamification is a great tool to create a memorable event experience through engaging games and onsite activities. Bring your attendees the maximum value out of your event.  

Benefits for Planners

1. Perfect for any size events

Whatever the size of your event, an event tracking system will prove to be useful. From small meet-ups and workshops to large-scale conferences, keeping track of attendees will make for a more efficient process beneficial for the event planners. 

2. Simple tracking attendance

Event managers do not need to spend time and energy on dealing with paperwork and chasing after attendees to conduct surveys. More detailed insights about the attendees will be available with just a few clicks. The data collected will then be available for storing, processing, and analysis.  

3. Deep understanding

The attendee tracking system allows event organizers to collect and match valuable data about the attendees. You can gain valuable insights such as the interests and aims of the attendees, the nature and quality of the sessions, speakers, and programs scheduled at an event. With more available data, you will be able to gain a deeper understanding of what the attendees of an event are looking for and expect from an event. 

4. Totally customizable

You can configure the system to your needs and convenience by personalizing the dashboard and choosing the list of metrics you wish to track during an event. A customizable dashboard will allow you to conveniently keep track of attendance in real-time. 

5. Reduce paper usage

By using event attendance tracking software, you will be able to reduce paper waste before, during, and after an event. The digitalized formats of attendees’ IDs replace paper tickets and other printed documents, which event planners normally print to track attendance at events.

6. Cost-effective

With the help of event tracking software, event planners can reduce costs. For example, more processes will be automated and the need to hire more manual labour will not be necessary. Event ROI and event resources will be managed more efficiently at lower costs. 

7. Improve efficiency

Switching to an automated system grants you benefits such as time-saving, process optimization, and integration with your CRM system.

8. Improve the attendee experience.

The attendance tracking system allows streamlining the event registration process, automating conference bags distribution process, enabling a cashless payment system when attendees purchase beverages and food at the event using a token system.

Attendance Tracking & Session Tracking

The main gain of session tracking at events is an in-depth analysis that provides organizers with data about the interests of attendees at events. The event manager will have a clear idea of how a venue setup could be improved, what speakers were more inspiring, and so on.

An attendance tracking system encourages event planners to collect and analyze powerful insights about visitors. Use this data to improve your next event and to develop advanced marketing and sales strategy. 

Attendance Estimation

An attendee tracking system is not just to verify who was at your event, but to also personalize and improve the experience of your visitors. Digitalizing different event activities will make events more memorable for your guests. 

GEVME allows event managers to track the behaviour and attendance of your guests by using different features such as gamification, RFID technology, and onsite check-in. 

If you are ready to empower your event management experience and get an event attendance tracking system, get a free quote now.  


Thanks to attendee online tracking software, event organizers have the necessary data to improve the quality of their work. Tracking attendees’ behaviours is a must for running powerful events. 

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