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5 Ways To Make Your Event Even More Awesome

Events are about creating the most memorable moments. On that special day, every single detail matters. This is why you must pay loads of attention to all aspects of preparation, whether it’s the welcoming, performance, menu, transportation or invitation letters.

Everything has to be perfect.

Experience may be a solid pillar to base your actions on, but more information is never useless. Take a 7-minute break from your busy day and read these five tips on how to make your events even more awesome.


1. Create buzz around your event

To impress your attendees and create a memorable experience, everything needs to be top-notch not only on the day of the event but also before and after that day. You may choose the best venue in the city and invite the best speakers, but if you don’t create high-quality content to promote it, your event won’t find its place on people’s “must attend” list.

Once the place, date, food, cocktails and other things are taken care of, it’s high time to start creating buzz around your upcoming event on social media. According to Wayin, a social media intelligence, and visualization company, about 88% of marketers use social media channels to increase awareness about their events before they occur.

To get the most out of your efforts, create blog posts about your event (according to HubSpot, blogging increases the chance of enjoying positive ROI by up to 13 times), organize discussions on Twitter (according to Jeff Bullas, Twitter acquires about 4 million new users each month: imagine how many people you can reach with trending hashtags) and create Facebook events. This will not only help you create engagement among your attendees but also grab the attention of new registrants.

2. First impression matters

“There is no second chance to make a first impression.”

According to Forbes, it takes only 7 seconds to make a good first impression. According to Business Insider people decide the following things within seconds of meeting you:

  • Trustworthiness
  • Your status
  • Intelligence
  • How successful you are

Before the event starts, make sure that there are enough staff members to welcome your guests. Usually, you should have one person for 100 guests (see the detailed table here). A warm welcome and caring attitude of your staff will go a long way.

In addition, consider the outfit of your team. All of you need to be dressed in clothing that matches the theme of your event, while being identifiable as staff members.


3. Choose the perfect host

Hosts can make or break your event.

Hosts carry the responsibility of entertaining, intriguing, delighting and shaping the right mood for your guests. Also, they have the power to drive purchase intent, have the audience follow a certain course of actions and focus on achieving the objectives of your event.

Likewise, hosts can fail to attract an audience’s attention, destroy engagement, create the wrong mood and ultimately provide a poor experience that will be forever tied to your event.

You need to select a host who will be able to manage your event correspondingly, depending on the theme, audience and purpose. Choosing a good host takes a fair amount of time and research, but it’s an essential step to take.

4. Set the mood with lighting, colors and music

To create the perfect mood for your event, you need to make good use lighting.

According to the studies of the University of Toronto and Northwestern University, bright light intensifies people’s emotional reaction to different kinds of stimulus. If you are organizing a corporate party or an awards ceremony, it would make sense to make the venue as bright as possible.

In addition, proper lighting also helps people take “quality photos”. You want your guests to share photos of your event with friends and social media (to boost brand awareness) right? Then help them get the best photos and visual proof of how awesome your event really is.

Colors are next on the list.

Colors are a form of nonverbal communication and the selection of the right colors can have a crucial effect on the mood of your event. Here is which colors you can use in different events.

  • If you are organizing a party, you can choose the red color, because it is associated with power, warmth, energy and excitement.
  • If are organizing a seminar, conference or a business meeting, use the blue color, as it’s about intelligence, trust, efficiency, logic, communication.
  • In case of exhibitions or art events, you can go with yellow, as it stands for emotional strength, friendliness and creativity.
  • If it’s an eco-friendly event, Green is the choice to take. It’s associated with harmony, rest, peace and environmental awareness.

Here is more information on the psychological properties of colours.

As to music, the selection of it mainly depends on the type of event you are hosting. Also, make sure that the music suits your event theme and audience.

5. Don’t forget to thank your guests

You have invested a lot of time and effort into organizing a perfect event for your guests. It would be a shame to lose momentum afterward.

When everything’s over, a warm thank you will be much appreciated. Being thankful to your guests is important and it will get you really far in terms of good memories and audience reach. You will be able to connect with your audience after the event, increase the chances of them attending another event of yours and close up the whole thing on a positive note.

There are 5 main steps to succeed in saying a proper “thank you”:

  1. Create a list of guests who attended the event and a list of those who didn’t
  2. Thank those guests who attended the event
  3. Reach out to those who missed the event
  4. Send your guests some links and CTAs
  5. Win back those guests who have not interacted

In addition, before saying goodbye, if there are any feedback/evaluation forms to complete, make sure to remind your guests about it. Feedback is how you learn from your mistakes, understand what you should have done differently and use that knowledge for future events.

“We all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve” – Bill Gates

These are the most effective ways that will help you turn your awesome event into a more awesome one. Follow these steps to provide an amazing experience for your guests and leave a trace in their memory.

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