5 Tips for Executing a Successful Food and Drink Event

Whether you’re exhibiting at a marketing expo or hosting your own food and drink event, there’s no denying the power of face-to-face networking in business. From meet and greets with potential clients to getting your brand name out there, showcasing your concept at an experiential marketing event can take your business to a whole new level of success.

Despite the initial investment, a well set up spot at a food or drink event can only lead to a business triumph. From ensuring that your stand attracts attendees to sourcing the most promising leads during the day, there’s a great deal to consider when planning an effective exhibit. There’s no doubt that showcasing at an event is the perfect opportunity for building brand awareness, and that’s why we’re bringing you 5 top tips on how to execute a successful food and drink event.

1. Share your news on social media

With an excess of social media channels available, it couldn’t be easier to make an impact online. This low-cost marketing strategy is one of the most effective ways to access millions of potential attendees, so logging on to these social networks is a must. Whether you’re organising the event yourself or exhibiting at a marketing expo, encouraging online followers to attend can only result in success. Go viral with Twitter’s memorable hashtag option or invest in Facebook’s sponsored advertisements option. By using these popular platforms, you’ll access both active followers and a wider online audience.

2. Excite attendees


At any experiential marketing event, it’s important to remember the sheer volume of competition that will also be in attendance. Standing out from the crowd can seem even more difficult when you’re in a crowded space, so plan your stand ahead of the day. Depending on your location, it may be wise to delegate a flyering role to a member of the team, to encourage as much footfall as possible. A stand that comprises of an interactive and interesting design as well as displaying impactful branding will stand out in these busy environments, especially when it’s manned by a professional, brand-aware team.

3. Give attendees a flavour of your business

Considering the size and nature of food and drink events, it’ll come as no surprise that attendees will be hungry for a taste of your business. Invite passers-by to learn more about your brand by engaging the senses, and provide them with a true reflection of the product by offering irresistible free samples. It’s all about ‘try before you buy’ at events, so hand out consumables to potential customers and you’ll soon reap the rewards.

4. The takeaway: be memorable

wine event

There’s no doubt that free product samples will work wonders for building a sense of brand loyalty in the minds of attendees, but what about when the samples have gone? Branded merchandise will be the perfect keepsake for anyone at a food and drink event – so make sure you offer these alongside your complimentary tasters. From giving away free canvas bags to handing out miniature branded personalised wine bottles that display your company’s logo, this unique gesture will ensure that your brand is remembered long after the event.

5. Build connections – and follow them up

The biggest marketing mistake that’s made at business events is actually one of the simplest things to do – and that’s following up! After a successful day of networking with an abundance of attendees, you’re sure to come away with an armful of promising leads. Avoid a follow up faux pas by dedicating some time to getting in touch. Ensuring that you build on that newfound relationship within the first few days means you can be confident that your expo efforts were a success – so don’t hesitate!

Ready for success at your upcoming marketing expo? Train your charismatic team to meet and greet attendees with confidence, and ensure that it’s your eye-catching stand that’s attracting all the attention. From offering up mouthwatering eatables to utilising social channels before and after the event, it couldn’t be easier to execute a truly triumphant marketing exhibition.

Bio: Jude King is Sales and Marketing Manager at Hannibal Brown Personalised Wine Design – providing bespoke bottles of wine for all occasions. With experience buying, selling and sampling internationally sourced wines, Hannibal Brown Personalised Wine Design ensures each customer’s experience is unique to them.