5 Tips for Driving Event Traffic Online with Quality Content

You’ve got your official page and social media — Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram — in place. However, the event’s web traffic is still not as high as you would like it to be! Well, just setting up these platforms aren’t enough to make people click through from links, follow you on social media, or even search for your website. Content is king, and you need to provide incentives to encourage online traffic. Here are 5 tips for driving online traffic to your events by leveraging on quality content:

Keep the audience updated on the event

A live social media display at Dell World 2012

If your event is an annual or recurring affair, a live coverage as well as post-event coverage of it will be very beneficial in driving online traffic as well as reaching out to potential audiences. On the days leading up to your event, tease attendees with what’s to come and hype them up for the big day! Bring the event to your target audience who can’t physically be there by posting live updates on social media, and after the hustle and bustle has settled, wrap things up with a post-event coverage in detail.

Provide supplementary materials

If you have speakers for your event, ask them an outline of their speech that you can upload on your page for event attendees to prepare themselves for the talk. Provide articles that can supplement the speech and give attendees a better understanding of the topic before attending the event. After the talk, upload or link attendees to the slides and supplementary references provided by the speaker, so that attendees can refresh their memory or refer to these materials if they didn’t grasp the topic during the talk.

Cross-promote with partnering companies, vendors, and speakers

An example of cross promotion between Macy's and Special Books by Special KidsAn example of cross promotion between Macy's and Special Books by Special Kids

If you have prominent partners for the event or established speakers, consider cross promoting to drive online traffic. Have your partners or speakers contribute content or articles to your event page, and encourage their fans and followers to access your page. Correspondingly, promote your partners, vendors, and speakers by providing a background or biography of them on your page, and link them up so that interested guests can find out about them in detail.

Reporting on latest news

5 qualities of newsworthy content

Newsworthy reports of breakthroughs, viral content, or even controversies in your industry or sector will be an incredible source of online traffic, attracting your target audience who are concerned with your specific industry. Be amongst the first to inform your attendees following with accurate and understandable details, and you’ll be able to attract traffic to your page from people who want to know more. Being the early bird also means other news portals are likely to quote and link you as a source, driving more viewers to your page.

User-generated content

An example of Coca Cola's user generated social media campaign

Instead of a one-sided affair, engage your audiences by encouraging them to contribute content. With so many social media platforms set in place, it is easy for your audience to share their experiences, opinions, and ideas for your event sector. Furthermore, in a digitally informed age, consumers are more likely to trust content and opinions from their peers over manufactured sales messages. Keeping your users in mind, hatch a suitable platform for submissions, with clear instructions and remember to reward them through perks and prizes in order to encourage participation!

Quality content is central to driving continuous online traffic to your event. Your audience need to know that they’ll be finding valuable and up-to-date information that isn’t available elsewhere and that by visiting your event page, they will be able to supplement their knowledge for the event. User-generated content also helps to build trust for the event and generate a relationship between you and your attendees, encouraging users to visit your page to participate and also exchange thoughts. What are your tips for driving online traffic? Leave a comment and let us know!