5 Things to Consider When Selecting an Event Venue

An event venue is an extremely important consideration when organizing an event. In a recent event that I organized, 45% of unique click-thrus was on the event map. This was an interesting statistic as it seems to me that where the event take place matters as much as the event content.

After attending multiple events year-on-year, I sum up probably the top 5 things to consider as an attendee, when deciding whether to attend an event or not.

1.    Accessibility

As an attendee, I would like to get to a venue within half an hour of commuting time, whether by public transport or by car. Also, the venue should be easily accessible via public transport in event that I do not have access to my car on that day. So having an event venue next to a train station definitely helps.

2.    Ample parking lots

I once went to an event where the building does not allow external visitors parking. And this was not made known to me as an attendee. So having ample parking lots at the event venue or at least within short walking distance should be a priority. Otherwise, your event could very well start late due to attendees having problems with access to parking.

3. Access to Wi-Fi

If you are organizing an Event that caters for foreign delegates as well, make sure that you have a Guest Wi-Fi connection that the attendee can use to download your event app, or engage with your event via social media. With the connected world today, having no access to Internet would not help in your delegate experience.

4. Variety of Food

While this doesn’t affect me as much, but I do factor this heavily when organizing events, especially in Asia, where I typically need to cater for both vegetarians as well as halal food for Muslims. So having an event venue or caterer that can support both would be a top consideration.

5. Audio-Visual (AV) Support

For mid to large-sized events, I tend to go for event venues where there is one on-site support personnel for AV, as the speaker experience would directly impact the attendee experience. Pre-event testing of AV equipment is definitely a must for me for any events.

Got a more important consideration factor for event venue? Welcome your comments below.