5 Scheduled Emails for Events you Can Plan Before you Go for Your Holidays

Often, event marketers are bogged down by an ongoing events calendar. With it comes accompanied by a series of email campaigns which are often needed to ramp up awareness, drive interest and ultimately sign-ups for the event.

However, with the availability of email scheduling, life is made better if you are put in charge of email marketing. Here, we take a look at 5 types of scheduled emails that you can plan for, so that you can go for your holiday in peace.

1. Last Call for Early Bird Registration

Most events will have early bird ticket pricing, in order to encourage early bookings, which is also needed to bring in the exhibitors, while securing ticket revenue. The dates for early bird registration is often fixed (though we have seen extensions for some events). Regardless of the movement of date, you can set the email blast to by sent based on x days before early bird sale end date. While the early bird date may possibly extend (depending on your registration team), the fact that you schedule it based on the milestone means that it doesn’t really matter if the date shifts.

2. Last Call for Event Registration

This is similar to the Early Bird registration but based on the actual event ticket sales date. Unless sold out, this call to action for last-minute registration often still works for people who are unsure of their original availability and who prefer to book closer to the event date.

3. Reminder Emails for Registered Guests

It is always good practice to send a reminder email to registered guests 1-2 days before the event, especially if your event registration starts months before the event day itself. For me, I always schedule it the morning before the event, and also have this campaign as one of the first on my list, since I know that closer to the date, I will probably be busy with the logistic aspect of the event.

4. Thank you emails

This is a simple yet important email to retain the feel-good factor of the event, and also important for the branding of your event, especially if it is expected to be an annual or repeat event in the years to come.

5. I Miss You Emails

Registered guests who can’t make it on event day are an important group as well, as they have shown an initial interest in your event content. Similarly, you can filter based on Checked in Time = Empty and save this to your smart list for your “I Miss You” campaign, which can include links to your downloadable event content, which will provide additional mileage for your exhibitors and sponsors.

The availability of segmentation and scheduling in integrated event management platform provides event marketers with the tools needed to make your job easier so do leverage on this so that you can go on holiday in peace.