5 Promotional Videos you can create for Five Dollars

Ever come to a stage where you are one month from your event and the registration numbers are not coming in? Yet, you are stretched in terms of budget but need to come up with something creative to capture the audience attention?

Here, we shortlist 5 promotional videos that you can use to market your event, each for just five dollars each. Check it out:

1. Video with Kinetic Typography

This video looks cool and you can impress your audience by selecting the keywords highlighting your key event message. For example, for a technology event, you can use “Cutting edge technology coming to you this summer”, with an embedded video on your marketing email sent out.

2. Speed Dating? How about Speedy introduction of your event

For a Brief introduction, such as “Join us on 4th June”. “Check out www.gevme.com/events.” That would be cool. Check out the video here.

3. Write your Event Name with Coins

How about writing your brief event name using coins? This cool little kid who designed the video sure have great ideas up his sleeve to make people notice.

4. Have a voiceover file already? Create an animated character!

If you already have a voice over but yet wanted to fully leverage on this, you can create your own animated character, which you can then embed onto your website. This would sync perfectly to the voiceover that you provided. Thick lips, suave gentlemen, the character choice is yours!

5. Need a video model but no budget? Get one for 5 dollars!

If you have a landing page that needs to dress up with a video introduction of your event, get one for 5 dollars! Typically, this would be a 30-seconds introduction, which is good enough for most marketers!

Fiverr is a great source of low-cost but high-quality marketing gigs which you can use for your event marketing thrusts so start looking through for your next event marketing breakthrough, for five bucks!